Monday, 26 November 2018


As you may have noticed this is Monday and not Friday I didn't forget I was just away. This is Marilyn reporting to duty. Heather is once again away on holidays so I'm stepping into the breach.
The card above is either done by Sharon or Tania not sure which and neither are here. This card is made from ruly truly corks and give a quirky look for your cards. There are 2 other examples in the shop to see.  Somebody brought some into the shop so there are heaps here for free.
There are lots of fabulous new dies from Paper Rose in the shop and I have had to give in and buy one. I got the kookaburra on a branch and I intend to put a red hat on it for Christmas.
There are lots of lovely ones to choose from.
Not  sure if you are aware but Heather is retiring come Christmas so maybe you would like to pop in and wish her goodbye.

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