Friday, 24 April 2015


You might have to look extra hard to see the detail on this card (or click on the image to enlarge it), but hopefully you'll take my word that it is a simple, elegant white on white embossed card.

The base card is a PL1 textured white simglefold card from Regal Craft Cards. I've used my scoreboard to add two lines to make a frame to a piece of backing card.  A third panel, which has also been decorated with variously spaced and angled lines created with a scoreboard, was then mounted on the top with foam tape underneath to a little height.

The decoration is subtle but much more visible in reality.  Embossing is usually clearer on light coloured card, as there is a more pronounced contrast between light and shade.

You might have noticed that I've just added three little rhinestones to the bottom left side of the backing card, which draws attention to the pattern, and the card as a whole.

If you have some small pieces of card and a scoreboard, spend some time playing with lined embossing - it will never replicate a highly decorative embossing folder but it can go into corners where folders can't reach and you can create patterns that are truly individual.

Friday, 17 April 2015


Red and black aren't traditional tropical colours but they work together beautifully in this card that Marilyn has made using Regal's new white centre stepper card as a base.

She has fussy cut hibiscus flowers from a piece of patterned Kaiser paper, and coated them with dimensional magic to create a high gloss raised finished.  The front of the card has been covered in black and the green (red's comPlementary colour) of the leaves and the covering of the back panel, gives a sense of extra dimension.

Marilyn has extended the red, black and white scheme to her greeting which she has made using a peel-off sticker on a tag, tied to the side panel of the card.  All in all, this appears to be a very dimensional card - but one which folds nice and flat for posting!!

Friday, 10 April 2015


This card is a lot simpler than it looks.  Just start with a square card (Regal Craft Cards sell a good selection), and fold the sides of the front panel in to the middle (the card fold sits at the top).

Secure the edges together - I've stuck a piece of embossed card on the top, but you could punch a couple of holes and tie the edges together with a ribbon.  This gives you a pocket, which can be "visually" filled - I've used a Sparklelight 3D sheet from Regal and spread the elements out rather than stacking them in a more straightforward way, but you could fill the pocket with small lollies or perhaps a packet of rhinestones or ribbons for a crafty friend.

I've added embellishments to suggest a basket e.g. a sticker "handle" and basket weave embossing pattern, but you could decorate the card base in any number of ways to suit the recipient and occasion.

Friday, 3 April 2015


This is an example of Regal's newest stepper card - this one had the largest panel in the middle rather than at the side, but its still large enough to take a small Regal calendar (CAP1).

I've used Kaiser papers to make a bit of bunting and add a little decoration, but clearly there are lots of other design options and I'll be showing a few on the blog over the next couple of weeks.  The main point is that all the hard work measuring, cutting and folding is already done - all you need to do is decorate!

Although this example has this year's calendar on it, we do already have the small and medium 2016 calendar pads on line and in the shop for those folks who like to get a really early start!!!