Friday, 30 August 2019


The boss has finally decided on a final closing date.


Thursday, 29 August 2019


Good news people! Regal Craft Cards is still open and looks like it will be for around for about another three weeks.  The web site will be closed down as of the 6th of September but the shop will remain open while it is still being supported. While many of the popular items have gone, I have been raiding the stores upstairs and have found many treasures, many of which  have not been seen in the shop before. So pop in and see what we have!   Look out to see if the pink flag is still flying outside the shop or ring us on 03 6331 4222 to see if we are open if you want to call in and get some more bargains!


This is a tasty card put together by Sharon which would make a great invitation for a tea party or maybe a teeenager's birthday. The card is a pre-cut cupcake from the Regal Craft range so all you need do is decorate in your favourite colours. Sharon has added a bit of bling in the form of Kindy Glitz and some sticker circles and pearls.

Wednesday, 21 August 2019


This is another of Sharon's  { tea time} cards. Made from the ready made tea cup cards available at Regal Craft Cards. She has used pretty papers to decorate the cup  and plainer paper for the base. Accents are border stickers and a flower to lift the design. Sharon has then slit the base and folded the card so that it sits up. In this instance the card can'not be flattened for postage but what a great idea for a place setting at a party.


 Hello people, good to catch up with you again. Computer once again had a hickup. So just to let you know that the shop is still open at this stage until some time in September. The regal craft cards website  is shutting off on the 6th of September.
Lots of goodies have been discovered in the clean up and have been confiscated  for you lucky shoppers in the shop so don,t miss out.
Many shelves, desks etc are popping up for sale also so if you are in the market for such things you are welcome to check them out.

Friday, 2 August 2019


Sharon has kindly helped out by making a series of cards to take us out  till we close. All the cards have a tea time them. Using the pre-cut out cards from Regal Craft. All you need to do with these cards is decorate them with pretty papers etc. The first one we will feature is the teapot. Done in beautiful blues and golds using simple border stickers and a baby blue bow. Sharon has made it into a lovely thank you card any body should be thrilled to receive.


You may have noticed that I didn,t do an update last week. This was not because we have closed  or I was too lazy.  All the various machines at work have  decided to go on strike including the computer so the report could not be written.
To point out the obvious we are still operating and there are still many bargains to be had. Many of the card packs work out to be a quarter of the original price but they are going fast.
                                                               The cards on the left are some more lovely thank you cards
                                                               from our customers.Both of them have lots of bling on.
                                                               Thank you so much for your kind thoughts. Appreciated.