Friday, 24 February 2017


This is another one of those nice cards that come pre-cut from Regal so you can get right on with the fun bit.

Sharon as put some decorative paper (a fine pattern, as the one she has used is probably best) under the lattice panels, and added silver stickers onto the "bars".  Denim blue pearls in two sizes complete the card.

The card itself is made from thick textured white cardstock, and you can imagine how easy it would be to add special white papers and pearls for a wedding, or pastels for a baby or red rhinestones and gold paper for Christmas etc etc - there are so many possibilities

Friday, 17 February 2017


I'm doing a stamping demo for Regal on March 20th, so I probably should leave this card until then but I couldn't wait to play with my lovely set of Darkroom Door stamps.

I've kept the colours very simple, but stamped the hammer and saw with black ink onto both grey and yellow paper, the tape measure just onto yellow, and the other things just onto grey.  I'v then cut out the handles of the saw and hammer from the yellow and stuck them onto the grey, before fussy cutting around the whole lot.  I've added a little bit of detail with a silver pen, and assembled the lot on embossed card stuck to a black Regal base.

I didn't have a suitable stamp at hand, so I added a peel off sticker as a greeting - I'm fairly sure the stamp would have looked a lot better in this context.

Friday, 10 February 2017


The good thing about this card (apart from the fact that Janet has made another gorgeous floral card) is that the swing base comes in a packet from Regal Craft cards, already cut and folded, so that you can go straight to the fun bit of decorating it!

Just add pretty papers, a pre-made paper flower, a greeting (coloured to match) and some trims tied around the thin part of one panel. Ink around the edges and your done!

It's not a quick card to make as there is a fair bit of cutting and sticking, but its not difficult.  For some of us, choosing the colours and combinations is the best bit of card making, and if you use this style as a base there are lots of surfaces to decorate!  (Don't forget there is the reverse of the card as well).  This would be an obvious choice for Mother's day or a special birthday.

Friday, 3 February 2017


Another card from Sharon's buttons demo this week.

The two buttons attached to the left side of the card feature old vehicles and match in perfectly not only with the vintage theme, but also with the round shape of the clocks and penny farthing wheels.

Patterned papers are usually printed on a white base core, and Sharon has used this effectively to add a distinctive edge to the torn paper layers.  If you're a bit under-confident about tearing, rip the paper towards you, using the side of your l.h (if you're right handed) thumb as a guide, to make sure you keep vaguely on-track, without ending up with a totally straight edge, as you would if you, for example tore against a ruler.

You can see how this can be a great technique for using up all those little scraps of paper you can't bear to throw out.  (Yes, OK....when I say you, I really mean me!!).  Plus, its once again an easy design to adapt for many different occasions