Friday, 26 August 2016



There are two very different cards on show today.  Both have a floral theme, and both would be suitable for a wide variety of occasions  I have to also somewhat apologise to both the ladies who made these for the rather dodgy photos,a s I'm very aware that I have done neither of them justice.

Marilyn has used a Sparklelight sticker as the centrepiece for her card.  She had placed a ribbon behind it which she's gathered together and secured at the front before adding a decorative silver flower.  Note how the ribbon is also stuck down behind the edges of the handmade embossed paper topper, which is in turn backed on red card which is echoed in the colour of the ribbon on the card and that pictured in the sticker.  The base card is called "Garden Green" and comes from Regal Craft Cards.

The top card is another lovely example of Sandra Bell's pickpoint work.  The base is a square card from Regal, edged with a gold border sticker. Note the effective  choice of green for the leaves and a variegated metallic thread for the flowers.  This would be a beautiful card for a wedding, engagement or special birthday.  There is space in the middle to add a greeting if desired.

Friday, 19 August 2016


Those of us who don't like to throw things away are always looking for ideas to use up all those little scraps of special paper that are inevitably left over, especially when (as probably isn't evident in the picture) they are of the more expensive kind!

This is a really easy idea - just assemble them to fit into a frame (this is a 3 panel card from Regal Craft Cards), cover the joins and stick bits on to decorate.  In the space of a small aperture, I've managed to fit adhesive cloth trim, two types of pearls, a gold charm, an embossed die-cut flower, gold thread, a butotn, ric-rac, ribbon, gold thread and a couple of dots with a gold pen to finish.  In other words, its a good way to use up little bits and pieces too!

I say that its an easy idea, not that its quick.  It can be, (5 minutes tops actually stick it down) but if you're like me and enjoy spending a bit of time fiddling around with the arrangement, it can take all morning!  I've stuck to neutral tones because I did this at one of Regal's demos and didn't want to force the folks who came watch me agonize over  colours for hours.  I really should make more of these - I'd much rather play with a big tray of paper crafting leftovers in front of the telly in the evening,than watch most of what's on it at the moment!

Friday, 12 August 2016


This is a good way to add up all those little scraps of papers that are just too pretty to throw away.

Either use a piece of Jac paper or glue strips next to each other until you have the size you want.  Its important to make sure they are secured all over and not just at the ends or edges.

Turn your new piece of stripy paper 90 degrees and cut it into strips - you can make them all the same size or vary the width as I've done here.  Lastly reassemble them but move each strip up or down before you stick it - have a play until you find a pattern you like.

I've put this onto a plain white single fold Regal Craft card and added a die-cut greeting, using some Kaiser dies.  As the first anniversary is the "Paper" one, a card like this seems appropriate.


Well, I'm back at work after two really productive weeks off and wow, you should see how many new things are in the shop!  I tried not to look too hard when I popped in last week but now its unavoidable, and I've already been tempted by a big pile of dies - there are quite a few new ones but my favourites are the Ultimate Crafts stained glass collection.  I can't wait to find some time to play with them!

The first of the Christmas things are starting to arrive and from now on should be doing so fairly regularly.  Don't leave it too late to collect your materials together if you are planning to give hand made Christmas cards -you can always put the bits together closer to the day but papers and embellishments are coming and going so early that September/October will probably be the peak time to source the things you need.

Speaking of which, if you need some inspiration, Marty Munro will be doing a free demo for Regal Craft Cards on Wednesday 14th September between 10 and 3 (just come and go as you wish in these times) so mark it on your calendar now!

Friday, 5 August 2016


This isn't quite a 5-minute wonder. but it's close.  Regal sell the purple fan cut-out cards ready to decorate, so all I did was add some decorative (Fab Scraps) paper underneath the aperture, then a couple of slices of the fan cut-out (which comes with the card), which I had embossed.
A few pieces of 3mm ribbon covered my messy edges and a satin flower disguised the fact I can't tie a bow to save myself!

This is a good beginner's card, suitable for lots of different occasions E.g. make a white one for a wedding, or add red, grren and gold papers and embellishments to an ivory card for Christmas