Friday, 19 August 2016


Those of us who don't like to throw things away are always looking for ideas to use up all those little scraps of special paper that are inevitably left over, especially when (as probably isn't evident in the picture) they are of the more expensive kind!

This is a really easy idea - just assemble them to fit into a frame (this is a 3 panel card from Regal Craft Cards), cover the joins and stick bits on to decorate.  In the space of a small aperture, I've managed to fit adhesive cloth trim, two types of pearls, a gold charm, an embossed die-cut flower, gold thread, a butotn, ric-rac, ribbon, gold thread and a couple of dots with a gold pen to finish.  In other words, its a good way to use up little bits and pieces too!

I say that its an easy idea, not that its quick.  It can be, (5 minutes tops actually stick it down) but if you're like me and enjoy spending a bit of time fiddling around with the arrangement, it can take all morning!  I've stuck to neutral tones because I did this at one of Regal's demos and didn't want to force the folks who came watch me agonize over  colours for hours.  I really should make more of these - I'd much rather play with a big tray of paper crafting leftovers in front of the telly in the evening,than watch most of what's on it at the moment!

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