Friday, 23 February 2018


This is sort of a five and a bit minute "wonder" - it certainly won't take too long to make.

All you need is a base card from Regal Craft Cards and the Paper Roses die (which can also be ordered from them), a little white ink and some paper.

I put down the lightest green paper first and then lay the straight edges of darker green at an angle each side just slightly over the top, and trimmed to the edge of the card.  That way you don't have to measure or cut neatly!  I fussy cut a hill from dark navy cardstock, and die cut the men, stuck them in place and then sponged in some white clouds.  Technically "sponged", I actually used my index finger which I find worked just fine!

That's it.  You could easily add a greeting if you wanted, either on the bottom edge or in the sky space, and you could send the card for just about any occasion - everything from birthdays to greetings from Tasmania, to Fathers' Day.  Add a heart in the middle (the gender of the folks on the fence is not clear) for Valentine's or engagement, or stick down a couple of bunnies in the paddock and a tiny egg or two for Easter.  There's lots you could do with this basic design.

Friday, 16 February 2018


I think that this is another one of those cards that looks much nicer "in the flesh" than on screen but.......

The die set is from Ultimate crafts (ULTI57478) and includes the two frames as well as the grevillea.  At the time of writing Regal still had some in the shop.  They are always happy to post any of their stock, even if it does not appear on the website.

I've cut three grevilleas from different pearlised metallic papers, added highlights with metallic pens and then mounted them on Kaiser papers.  Stickers, a ribbon strip, punched circles and a little pre-made bow were added.

Finishing touches were rounding the cornerS of the Regal Kraft base card, and inking the edges with sepia ink.

This is a floral card that isn't overly feminine so it would be suited to just about anyone, including frineds who live overseas as there aren't that many dies available that feature Australian flowers..

Friday, 9 February 2018


I get a little bit of teasing at work because I'm forever rummaging through the printery bins fishing out little bits of scrap paper that "might be useful".
Every now and again I have to actually make a card to demonstrate that said bits of paper can indeed be put to good use!

As you've probably guessed this is one of those cards.  I've used a die from Ultimate Crafts (there was still one left at Regal last time I looked) to cut a white background, and blue surround, and then threaded the narrow little off-cuts in and out of the holes in the background in both directions, leaving the ends untrimmed.  .  The result is a fun card, perhaps for a teenager or someone who likes a little bit of disorder.

The base is a textured single fold card from Regal Craft Cards. Put a fairish old amount of double sided tape on the back to make sure everything stays in place when you stick the woven motif down.  I've just added a happy birthday sticker and a little group of three sticker stars to finish.

Friday, 2 February 2018


Tania has made this lovely stencilled card, with a Kaiser template and sponged on ink - first using darker shades for detail through the stencil and then adding colour with lighter applications.

Paper flowers and die cut embellishments complete the card.

Much of what you see on-line using stencils at the moment is on the "arty" side, using texture pastes, sprays etc but this card illustrates how effectively stencils can be used in the more traditional style of card.

Regal craft cards have lots of stencils currently in stock if you'd like to try for yourself, plus of course a huge range of base cards!