Friday, 9 February 2018


I get a little bit of teasing at work because I'm forever rummaging through the printery bins fishing out little bits of scrap paper that "might be useful".
Every now and again I have to actually make a card to demonstrate that said bits of paper can indeed be put to good use!

As you've probably guessed this is one of those cards.  I've used a die from Ultimate Crafts (there was still one left at Regal last time I looked) to cut a white background, and blue surround, and then threaded the narrow little off-cuts in and out of the holes in the background in both directions, leaving the ends untrimmed.  .  The result is a fun card, perhaps for a teenager or someone who likes a little bit of disorder.

The base is a textured single fold card from Regal Craft Cards. Put a fairish old amount of double sided tape on the back to make sure everything stays in place when you stick the woven motif down.  I've just added a happy birthday sticker and a little group of three sticker stars to finish.

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