Friday, 29 May 2015


Here's an easy way to make a folding box card using a pre-existing square single fold card.

Cut a double-sided tape width of card of the front of your card, measure and score down the corresponding edge of the card back.

Measure the width of the back after the edge has been cut off, and score a line half way.  Do the same between the fold and the scored edge of the front (the four panels you've created should all be the same size).

Decide how big you'd like your flaps to be.
Cut down along the folds to this length and score along the edge you'll be folding down.  (You can fold all four down, or leave the one at the back sitting up.  Cut across to the edge of the back panel from the last cut so that you are left with a tab.  Score Put some doublesided tape on this tab and stick the panels into a box shape.  Make two or three little rectangles to fit the inside of the box, bend the edges into tabs and secure with the flat side facing the front.

Now all that remains to be done is to go wild with the this case a Sparklelight 3d sheet from Regal Craft Cards, spread over the card, with elements attached to little "sticks" made of acetate so they appear to be floating above the main part of the card

Friday, 22 May 2015



Although you can buy pre-made easel cards from Regal (they call them tilt cards), you can also make your own from their 3-panel cards.

If you want to do this, then cut off one panel, and crease and fold the back panel in half.  Add double sided tape to the front of the fold, and stick the cut-off panel onto it (the tape will go half way up the panel).  Its probably easier to add your decoration and embellishment before you stick the panels together.  There needs to be some sort of raised shape or panel at the end of the inner back (which becomes the base) so that the panel will sit up.

I've used some stamps from Darkroom door, and as they make quite a statement on their own, I've kept the colour scheme very basic - just dark green Versafine on granite card.  I've cut out a couple of the leaves and mounted them on top of the base image using foam dots to add a little more height, to echo the two leaves on the base which are also stuck on with foam tape to make the "stopper" for the front panel.  I've added a few embossed lines using my scoreboard and a line sticker, that I've coloured in with a green alcohol marker to match.

Friday, 15 May 2015


Regal has two pre-made stepper cards, and both of them can be decorated in so many ways!

Marilyn has used the newer centre step card to make this cool card which would particularly suit pre-teen boys -  a group for which cards can be a bit of a challenge.

The skateboarder is from a Sparklelight 3D sheet, the paper decoration and signs were fussy cut from Kaiser paper and the card has been finished with a Happy Birthday sticker.

Friday, 8 May 2015


Here's a different way to use Regal's new DL gatefold card.

Add a little paper to the front two panels and cut the tops to points, to make pencils!!  I didn't use templates, just stuck the paper on "extra large" and trimmed it back to fit.  I randomly cut one edge of the the main colour to look as if the pencil had been sharpened, and used a 10c piece to get a rounded bottom on the tip.

The pencil paper on the back panel is by Kaiser and I've onlycut around the very top of the pencils before sticking it on.  The band is made from the other side of the same paper (including the bottom margin).  The "buckle" is a gold circle cut with a nesting die, with a smaller circle (still using the same sheet of decorative paper) within.

This would be a fun card to give to a child with a little packet of real colouring pencils inside, and perhaps a sketch book or colouring book , or even a pack of blank cards and a Bright Ideas Pack as a present!  Older children could make the card themselves.

Friday, 1 May 2015


This is Janet's "take" on Regal's new DL gatefold card.

The pretty pastel papers and flowers add a feminine touch to the natural "Buffalo" base card.

She's coloured outline stickers with a permanent marker for a matching greeting, and added a rhinestone flourish and spiralled wire for accents.

With mother's day just around the corner, I imagine there are quite a lot of mums out there who would just love a card like this, especially if there was a Regal Craft Cards gift voucher inside.