Friday, 30 November 2018


How's this for a quick Christmas card idea.  Regal make a wide variety of three panel cut out cars.  This one is XNO14 - church window, but there are Christmas trees, bells, holly, and lots of other novelty shapes in addition to more usual shapes such as rectangles, ovals and hearts.  Have a look on their website for the full range.

Although you can use these cards in a variey of  ways for iris folding, stitching, photos and more, this card illustrates a simple example that you can make quite quickly using decorative paper inside the aperture, a cut out shape on top (the gold bell is available pre-cut from Regal but you could diecut something yourself) and a sticker or, as in this case, a "lef-over" from a 3D picture.  As an alternative to the latter you might want to consider an alternative die-cut, flowers,a bow or some pre-made embellishments.

Monday, 26 November 2018


As you may have noticed this is Monday and not Friday I didn't forget I was just away. This is Marilyn reporting to duty. Heather is once again away on holidays so I'm stepping into the breach.
The card above is either done by Sharon or Tania not sure which and neither are here. This card is made from ruly truly corks and give a quirky look for your cards. There are 2 other examples in the shop to see.  Somebody brought some into the shop so there are heaps here for free.
There are lots of fabulous new dies from Paper Rose in the shop and I have had to give in and buy one. I got the kookaburra on a branch and I intend to put a red hat on it for Christmas.
There are lots of lovely ones to choose from.
Not  sure if you are aware but Heather is retiring come Christmas so maybe you would like to pop in and wish her goodbye.

Friday, 23 November 2018


These cards look quite complicated but fortunately aren't as difficult as they look because almost all the components are available aready cut.

The red stepper cards are from Regal Craft Cards (STE5).  (They are also available in white).  The silver tree is also from there, as are the clear Christmas Greetings, which in the first example, has been stuck onto acetate, and in the second onto silver card, so they "pop" off the card.  The photos really don't do justice to the three dimensional nature of these cards.

I was away when these cards were made, but I know that Marilyn made the example with the tree so I'm guessing the first example, featuring the deer and tree die (Paper Rose) is her work too?
(I'll let you know if I'm wront.)


Friday, 16 November 2018

Quick update to today's update.....PS3 (white textured photoslot cards in 50s) are back in stock at Regal too!  Yay!!!!


When time is of the essence, stickers are a really handy addition to your cards.  You can, of course, just put them on the front of a single fold card and use them "as is", but if you have a little extra time you can give your cards a special individualised look.

Marilyn has made these two Christmas cards which illustrate how, with the addition of a few papers, stickers and ribbon, you can make cards that have a little more craftwork in them but no so much that you wouldn't still have time to make several before Christmas arrives!

A good range of Sparklelight stickers and lots of different coloured base cards are all available from Regal Craft Cards.


Good news for everyone who has been waiting for Regal to restock their popular textured white singlefold cards - as of this morning they are back!  The other varieties that ran out whilst we were waiting for a delayed shipment of cardstock  will soon be on the shelves, as soon as they can be manufactured.  In the meantime smooth white is not a problem, and there are lots of other colour choices.  If you haven't already, check out the Regal website.

It's a good job I'm taking another couple of weeks off (yes, again!) because Paper Roses are still bringing out some brilliant new dies, and I am always tempted.  This week I've bought a set of stitched rectangle nesting dies - 11 in all which (and this, for me, is the real selling point) have been sized for Australian A5 cards!  They may not be as complicated as a lot of the recent offerings but I am extremely excited about these as I know already that I will use them regularly. (Note that this is a different set to the one available in the Regal catalogue).   I was also tempted (OK so that's code for I bought this too) by a card creator die that cuts nine windows so that you can treat each area separately as far as decoration goes or use the whole thing as a "window" to tuck some scenery (or maybe Santa peering in) behind.

On the "I'm still thinking about it" list are some new cockatoo, kookaburra and humming bird dies, a deer head, Merry Christmas with a shadow, a really nice large Christmas wreath.  We have topped up our stock of one die that I do have, which is the ever so cute Santa Claus being pulled on his sleigh by kangaroos, and with a cockatoo sitting on his back.  For those of you who are a bit fed up with snowflakes and northern hemisphere themes it's ideal!   Well enough of that.......time to get on with a bit of actual work........before I clock off again.....Marilyn will be doing the updates whilst I'm away.

Friday, 9 November 2018


If you haven't already made your Christmas cards, here are a couple of pretty examples (made by Tania) for inspiration.

The limited edition Jupiter Red base cards are available from Regal Craft Cards.  The embossing folder and papers are by Kaiser, but you could substitute them for any other papers that  co ordinated with red shimmer card.

Use the dies that are already in your stash for further embellishment, or treat yourself and come into Regal for some new craft supplies!


I was putting off doing this week's update in the hope that the new Paper Roses dies would arrive, and guess what......they have!!!!  If you like sheep and cows that look like real animals and not cartoons, if you want a choice of horse dies, if you like dies with an Australian theme made by an Australian family business, then these are for you!!  They are just gorgeous and in stock now at Regal Craft Cards.  We can always order extras in (as long as our supplier has stock) but if you want to be in on the first release I'd make a visit soon as they will sell quickly!

Friday, 2 November 2018


Sometimes you don't want to give a formal gift, but would like to give more than just a card.

For those occasions why not whip up a calendar and card in one.  All the ingredients for this example are available from Regal Craft Cards.

You'll need:
CAP 1 a small calendar padX
STE1 a pack of side stepper cards
HA109  Gumleaves stacker sheet
A small piece of decorative paper, foam dots and some adhesive (I use doublesided tape).

You can call into Regal's shop on Wellington Street, Launceston or find them on-line.