Friday, 29 March 2019


Roma  created this striking card which looks a bit like a house. The bottom panel is a gate fold. The top is added on later and it all folds flat when finished.
The decoration on the top is multiple layers of die cut thistle type flowers.
The card is called a Dutch fold.

Friday, 22 March 2019


Roma made this striking card from a 12x12 card piece. Its called a star card. Apparently the pattern is available online.
Great teen boy card although in this case has been made for a girl.
The pattern is apparently on line but is basically four equal size triangles slotted into each other.

Friday, 15 March 2019


Not sure who is responsible for this creation which is a step card using  one of Regal Craft Cards step card bases which has been covered with a burgundy print. The back panel has a butterfly print paper which the individual butterflies have been cut out from. A bit of string and a bit of bling and a greeting and hey presto a great card for any occasion.

Friday, 8 March 2019


These apple cut-out shape cards were a card of the month on the facebook page and have been created by various people just to show you that an apple shaped card does not have to be boring. Three out of the four have just used paper as the feature point. In the instance of the front card the circles were die cut using nesting dies in graduated colours, the one behind uses the bit of paper you have left over when you cut the strips out.

Friday, 1 March 2019


We know you are always looking for that perfect man's card so here are a couple of ideas provided by Heather. The 3d images are from the Harafeld collection. Not only does this make very nice cards but being the local, i.e Launceston tram sheds, it could be a lovely souvenir card as well.
Heather has stretched the use of this sheet by making several cards from the same sheet.
The main card has a lovely grey patterned sheet as the background which is overlaid with a strip of striped ribbon  then a  die cut rectangle in black and another in red then the tram image which has been cut from the background and placed in the centre. A piece of ribbon runs down through the middle behind. A few die cut cogs are used as accents. The Regal shop has currently got metal cogs in so these would service very well and add some depth.
The second card has also used a nesting frame die to form the card itself and then just added layers in red to match the tram.
The third card just uses the left over greeting and some fancy paper and you still have a striking and effective card