Friday, 19 October 2018


A simple sympathy card idea - ink around the edges of nesting dies in various shades of grey (or whatever colour you chose), blending as you go.  Add a die-cut circle, birds and greeting, cut the panel to 10cm x 15cm, and slip it into a photoslot card.

If you prefer to use brighter colours, you could also condsider replacing the birds with butterflies.



Hello again, what can I tell you about today?
A reminder that the cards on sale for this month with 50% off are the larger {175x125 folded} Cool Christmas single fold cards. These are bigger than Regal Crafts normal sized card so enables you to play a bit more with the space.
Sometimes you may get into the habit of just popping into the shop and going straight to the item you came in for and missing out on some of the goodies in other spots .For instance we carry a wide range of quilling papers and tools, Pergamano/Vellum papers and a huge amount of tools. Lots of ribbons 3d paper tole and lots more. Just ask.
For those of you on the dark side who do scrapbooking and not cards we cater for you too.
Any way cheers from Marilyn and have a great weekend creating.

Friday, 12 October 2018


Hi this is Marilyn practising on the blogspot. Just letting you know  that we are back open on Saturdays 9am to 3pm with the lovely Janet to help you out. Don't forget we, Regal Craft Cards  are no longer doing the demos but are providing you with a bit of a bargain bin behind the curtains.Now that the better weather is here, now would be a good time to get into that craft room and create those masterpieces of which of course we have the goodies to make them.


........and here are two more examples of the Stitches cards from Regal Craft Cards!  (See last week's post)

Friday, 5 October 2018


I probably don't need to write too much about how to make these cards because a close look at the photos will tell you how they have been made.

Janet (top card) has collected  a variety of themed items to make a baby card, whilst Maz has fussy cut and shaped some patterned paper for her thankyou card.

Both have used Regal's "Desert Haze Stitches card" (XTH2) as a base.  I think I've probably mentioned before how versatile these cards are.  You can achieve a very effective result  in quite a short time as well as using up a lot of those little bits and pieces kept "just in case."

This is also a great card to make with young crafters or beginners as a great result is almost guaranteed.

Chose a theme and have fun!


Late again, I know...........decoratng the window this time!  Also trying to chose which ones of the new Kaiser ink pads I can't live without............there are 23 different far I have selected denim but I think blue haze, amber and burn orange might be next on the "need" list.........pop into Regal and check them out - they are selling quickly, and not just to the staff!!

Friday, 28 September 2018


Hi. I'm a bit later than usual with this week's update as I've been busy putting out lots of new stock and re arranging the walls in the shop so that all the Christmas goodies are easy to find.  I'd best get back to it as there are bits and pieces everywhere!!!  The take-out from this is, however, if you are about to make your Christmas cards, or if you want to have a good choice of dies, papers etc for post-Christmas scrapbooking, now is the time to visit Regal Craft Cards!  (There are some lovely shimmer red cards on special too, and some new monthly specials for October from Monday on). Cheers!


It's probably obvious that this card makes use of scalloped circle nesting dies.  (You can  experiment with different shapes and scallops).

I've taped the end of  some thin metallic thread to the back of the circle and threaded it between the scallops to another gap, a few spaces away, and then just continued to thread all around the circle until each has been filled.  The closer the first distance the bigger the hole in the middle will be.  This technique is known as Spirelli.

I've  used Kaiser paper for the back (unthreaded) circle, border and greeting, and inked some white gloss cards with a variety of pinks for the light and dark circles.  The smalled one has a heard die-cut from the middle and is mounted on foam tape to add depth. 

You have almost certainly guessed that the base card is from Regal Craft Cards.  If you want to make a more "masculine" version, why not go for cogs instead of scalloped circles and change the colours.

Friday, 21 September 2018


Regal Craft Cards make these nifty "stitched" cards already printed so that you can get straight to the fun part and decorate them.

Tania has selected black and gold as the dominant colour theme, which matches very well with the flax base card. and has put her nesting dies to good use to add the decoration.

These cards are a great way to use up all those little pieces of paper that you just can't bear to throw away, and can be modified to suit the interests of the receiptient of the card.  Someone who enjoyed sewing for instance could have a card with pins, needles, fabric scraps, buttons etc.  Someone who enjoyed woodwork might enjoy nails, washers, die-cut tools etc.

Why not buy a pack and have some fun!


Hello, I've been on a couple of weeks holiday (yes, again) so I was a bit excited to get back to work and see lots of new 3D sheets and dies.  Staz On black ink pads are back in stock again, along with eight different colours of Versafine Clair coloured inks which are just the best thing for fine detailed stamping.  (The traditional black is still around too).  There are some "Highland Christmas" small paper pads from Couture Creations, and three different clear Christmas Message sticker packs for the inside (or outside) of your cards..............And that's just what I've noticed so far.

Just a reminder too, that Regal sell some lovely writing papers with matching or co ocrdinating envelopes so if you want some nice stationary do pop in and see what they have.

As the weather is improving (on some days at least) Regal will be re opening on Saturdays from October 6th from 9 to 3.  Usual weekday opening hours (8.30 until 5) still apply. 

Friday, 14 September 2018


This will take you a little bit longer than five minutes - but not much.  It's more the technique than the card (which I found in Regal's Bargain Corner) I wanted to show this week.

 Just pick a singlefold card, cover the inside right-hand panel with paper (I used plain lime green but you could use patterned paper). 

Die-cut a hole or two in whatever shape takes your fancy .  (At risk of stating the obvious, I chose two sizes of circle).

Now choose dies, that just fit over the edges of the cut apertures, so that there is enough to glue to the front of the card, but so that most of the die is over the hole,  Cut them out, fix in space. 

The finished card has a lovely 3D effect when it is opened or displayed in this way.  I used butterflies but you could equally well use tools (hammer, saw etc) or flowers, or words or anything really, as long as they fit with the holes that you cut.  As a result, you could make a card like this for any occasion!

Friday, 7 September 2018


I've used a Uniquely Creative die as the feature of this card, but any die with open spaces will do.
Cut out your feature from black cardstock (its often easier to do this after mounting it onto double-sided Jac paper or similar) and stick it onto a smooth plain singlefold card - Regal Craft Cards have a great variety of colours, but I've stuck with traditional and chosen  "white smooth" (PL2).
Grab a pen with a fine tip - I used a Zig Millenium pen (also from Regal) in .03 black, but you could use any colour or even mix it up a bit and use more than one.
After that just doodle a different pattern in each of the sections and your done. 
I wouldn't claim this as "Zentangle" but how about relaxing doodling for all ages?  Its quite fun to do, why not give it a go.

Friday, 31 August 2018


Following along from last week's Father's Day card is another example from Sharon.  She has used the same little die cut tools (Two different sets of dies are available in the Regal Craft Cards catalogue) mounted on strips of acetate to make this fun box card which would do equally well for Father's Day or a birthday. 

There are lots of templates on-line for box cards and you can change the size to fit whatever you would like to have popping out of them, and that is limited only by your imagination!

Sharon has covered the box with sticky-backed silver checkerplate paper, leaving gaps and adding split pins to give the impression of drawers.

The greeting sticker at the back is also available from Regal.


Hi, I'm just taking a quick break from popping some Christmas Card samples (yes it is that time of year) up on the board in the shop to let you know a few important things.

Firstly, today is the very last day that you can buy your craft cards at half price from Regal Craft Cards (on line or in the store).  They go back to their original prices on Monday.

.....which leads me on to the second thing.........Regal is re opening on Saturdays (9-3) from October 6th.  Hopefully the worst of the winter weather will be behind us, and if you haven't already thought about it, it will be well and truly time to start making Christmas cards.  Our usual weekday opening hours still apply i.e. 8.30 to 5.

........which leads on to the third thing which is that the Kaiser September release - papers, stickers, dies etc etc - all Christmas themed will be fresh in the store on Monday.  (The boxes are sitting at my feet as I type), so if you are looking for the latest in materials come on in and have a look and pick up up the last ever print editions of the Kaiser magazine (whilst stock lasts).

We've also just unpacked some new dies so.......

Pop in and say hello and check out the new stock!

Friday, 24 August 2018


Just a quick not today to remind you that Regal's catalogue cards are all half price until the end of August (whilst stocks last) so if you want to make the most of this amazing and "first time ever" offer, you need to get your skates on right now!  It applies to both personal and on-line shoppers.
Regal Craft Cards are made in Launceston Tasmania.  There is a huge range of cards from which to chose.  They are all made from high-quality thick cardstock and are available in a wide selection of colours.  Check out their website for details.

Also letting you know that quite a few new 3D sheets have arrived in the shop - these are die-cut and cover a wide variety of topics so if you need to make a quick Father's Day card or want to make an early start for Christmas, come in and have a look.  We have limited quantities but will be expecting more in the not too distant future.

Paper Roses "favourites" are back in stock too - the Aussie Rules football die set, along with the men on a fence, stockman with horse, farmer, child and dog, Australian animals and trees etc.  I often hear that dies and stamps aren't "Australian enough" - the way to get more products with this theme is to support the companies that are prepared to invest in producing them.  Paper Roses make some lovely stamps and dies and you will not be disappointed with the quality.  They are available from Regal right now.


With Father's Day just around the corner, why not make a card for the occasion, or help your children/grandchildren make one for a special man in their life.  Sharon's card would fit the bill.

She covered a plain Regal singlefold card with decorateive papers.  The piece with the torn edge could be replaced with sandpaper or cork if you want to add more texture.

The die-cut tools are attached with little split pins.  Paper Roses tool dies and the split pins can both be ordered from Regal Craft Cards.  Just add some sticker letters to spell "DAD" and your done!

Friday, 17 August 2018


This is Sharon's take on the "piano card" format - Kaiser pattened paper, with a fussy cut top to the Regal single fold card and an arrangement of various elements on the top, along with a greeting. 

You could modify this by adding acetate to the front so that the card could sit up for display, or by putting all the decoration on the front panel, if you wanted to.  If you fancied turning this into a more "masculine" card E.g. for Father's Day, just substitute the flowers for leaves,musical notes, cogs or omit all together (Or... if your man loves flowers leave it as is!)

If you can't find piano keyboard paper its a reasonably simple exercise to cut a couple of strips and make the keys.  Ink the edges with black ink for extra definition.

Friday, 10 August 2018


Hello, I'm back at Regal after a couple of weeks holiday and have already found lots of new things to buy.  Kaiser's first Christmas paper release is quite different to previous efforts - pink,rose gold and black - but really nice and very "on trend" as they say.  My favourite is the sheet featuring tiny metallic deer.  All the sheets have foiled features.  The other Kaiser one has lots of sheets that would be ideal for father's day (although I've also bought some just for my projects - think denim jeans, car parts, fish, pine trees etc.  Pop into the shop and have a look!

Oh yes, I almost forgot - its still 50% off all full-priced card packs (10s and 50s) at Regal whilst stocks last, until the end of August.  This is the first time every that they have been this cheap, and as far as I know, there are no plans to have such a good offer again so if you need cards (and even if you don't and just want to stock up) now is the time to do it!!!!!!!


Here is a super simple card idea to use up some of those small paper scraps we all accumulate (or at least those of us who hate to throw things in the bin). Simply choose your favourite nesting die (or the one most appropriate to the occasion), and cut out each size with a different co ordinating colour and stack them.  This card has been made with a flat stack, but you could use foam dots to add dimension if you wanted, and/or ink the edges of each shape.

I've embossed the front of a smooth white singlefold card (PL2) from Regal craft cards, and added a greeting sticker, a pre-made bow and three little rhinestones to finish.

It could be a 5 minute make depending on how quickly you can die cut - remember if you're using the same brand of die you can cut more than one piece at a time.

If you add an insert you will have to allow a few minutes more.f  I found a once-loved and now hardly ever used hole punch in the drawer and used it to decorate a plain pale pink insert,which was secured to a slightly larger piece of paper in a darker shade.  Both pinks were the same colours as the plains used on the front of the card.

Friday, 3 August 2018


This is a fun variation of a flag book.  I've basically scored and folded the central panel of a black three panel Regal craft card into an "accordian", and stuck simple die-cut flowers to either side of each fold.  It's important to remember that flowers on the front of the fold will tilt forward, whilst flowers on the back will tilt backwards so you have to position them so that they swing freely - a little practise run with removable tape is a good idea before you fix them more securely in place.

As there is so much going on inside the card, I've kept the front very simple - just some decorative paper that reflects the shape of the die, a couple of ribbons (the black one secured under the patterned panel to hide the ends) and a silver charm.

I guess you could use this card for a lot of different occasions, or you could just sit it on your shelf for a cheery decoration.

Friday, 27 July 2018


It's easy to focus on the front of a greeting card and forget that there are at least two panels inside and one on the back as well that all invite decoration.  Janet has gone one step further by using a three panel card and adding a variety of papers and elements from Kaiser;s "Fairy Garden" range to produce a really sweet fairy-themed card.

The largest die on the front is also from Kaiser - the "whimsical circle frame".  Other elements have been fussy cut and mounted with foam tape to add dimension.

This would obviously be a lovely birthday card or maybe a very special greeting from the tooth fairy?

Friday, 20 July 2018


We a nice range of the new "Clair" ink pads in at Regal Craft Cards at the moment.  These are the old Versafine inks (the best for straightforward stamping I believe), renamed and repackaged but as good as ever!


Unfortunately, this picture probably doesn't show this card to best effect, however I'll explain the technique so you can get the general idea.

I began with a piece of paper featuring lots of flowers (some in repeat) - this one's from Kaiser- and fussy cut several elements from it.

I used two square dies, one placed inside the other, in conjunction with a rubber mat to emboss a frame on the front of a square white singlefold card from Regal (SPL1).

After that I arranged the cut-out flowers, leaves and butterflies on the card, and before sticking them down, shaped them (you can use a tool and a mat but I just used the palm of my hand and my fingers).  I added further dimension by positioning one cut flower over another of the same type and using various combinations of flat double sided tape and foam dots to achieve different levels.

As I mentioned, the card looks a lot better in reality.  The actual construction of the card is quite speedy, but arranging the "bits" can take some time if you're that way inclined!

Friday, 13 July 2018


Spring is in the air (or am I just being overly optomistic).  In any case here's a pretty card by Marilyn to get you into the spirit.

She has taken a textured white heart cut-out card (HE1) from Regal Craft Cards, and used both the aperture and the heart.  Decoration is added with lots of hole-punched flowers in various sizes and some butterflies fluttering around. Kindyglitz, glitter glue has been used around the outside of the large hearts to finish off.

Since die-cutting machines have become the go, a lot of us have a drawer (or two) of neglected hole punches.  Why not get them out and play and remember why we all thought they were so good in the first place!

Friday, 6 July 2018


This card is a lot simpler than it looks to make.  Start with a singlefold white craft card (PL1 or PL2) from Regal Craft Cards.

Assemble the motif by selecting 8 plain paper squares for the back, and eight double-sided squares for the front.  The actual size doesn't matter too much as long as it fits onto the card base you have selected.  (1 1/2 inches and 1 1/4 inches could be a size to try)

Fold and unfold each square along the diagonal, then fold the sides to the crease to make a kite shape.  Take your time with this bit as accuracy here makes a bit difference to how easy the next bit proves to be.

Assemble the eight plain "kite shapes"so that the edges lie next to each other and they make a "circular" motif.  After you've arranged them so that they are fairly evenly positioned (i.e. so you don't end up with either a big gap or not enough space at the end), stick each down with a piece of double sided tape.  Repeat with the smaller squares, and position one motif on top of the other, and stick down.  The split pin in the middle is optional but it does help to hold all the shapes together and hide and slightly dodgy bits where they are supposed to join in the middle!

Arrange a greeting and some patterned backing paper (perhaps, as in this case, the same paper used for the smaller squares), and there you are!  I've just talked about this with a fellow crafter and agreed that there are a lot of words here for something that is very easy to do and would take only a minute to demonstrate, so if you'd like the "in person" demo, pop into Regal and I'd be happy to show you!