Friday, 15 March 2019


Not sure who is responsible for this creation which is a step card using  one of Regal Craft Cards step card bases which has been covered with a burgundy print. The back panel has a butterfly print paper which the individual butterflies have been cut out from. A bit of string and a bit of bling and a greeting and hey presto a great card for any occasion.


This week we have some very nice peel-off stickers in store, great for borders etc, in black and silver. The black in particular would set your card off very nicely. Come in and check them out.
 Even though our most prolific card maker has retired don't think you will miss out on card ideas as there are four of us that play around in the shop so you will never be deprived of inspiration. We are happy for you to take photos also.

Friday, 8 March 2019


Gosh the week just flies by when you are having fun. Part of the fun we have been having is the card of the month which is a three window on the side card. There are four fine cards in the shop for you to get inspired with. As there are four of us who make the cards you get four  totally different ideas using the same card base.
Have a great weekend and enjoy these lovely cool mornings and snuggle under the doona.


These apple cut-out shape cards were a card of the month on the facebook page and have been created by various people just to show you that an apple shaped card does not have to be boring. Three out of the four have just used paper as the feature point. In the instance of the front card the circles were die cut using nesting dies in graduated colours, the one behind uses the bit of paper you have left over when you cut the strips out.

Friday, 1 March 2019


We know you are always looking for that perfect man's card so here are a couple of ideas provided by Heather. The 3d images are from the Harafeld collection. Not only does this make very nice cards but being the local, i.e Launceston tram sheds, it could be a lovely souvenir card as well.
Heather has stretched the use of this sheet by making several cards from the same sheet.
The main card has a lovely grey patterned sheet as the background which is overlaid with a strip of striped ribbon  then a  die cut rectangle in black and another in red then the tram image which has been cut from the background and placed in the centre. A piece of ribbon runs down through the middle behind. A few die cut cogs are used as accents. The Regal shop has currently got metal cogs in so these would service very well and add some depth.
The second card has also used a nesting frame die to form the card itself and then just added layers in red to match the tram.
The third card just uses the left over greeting and some fancy paper and you still have a striking and effective card


Exciting news people! I've just unpacked the new Kaiser product range for the month of March. There are some lovely pastel papers featuring cacti which are very pretty. The second set is much darker  using black's and grey's with stylised pink flowers. There are some papers in this range very suitable for men's cards.
One of our lovely customers, Roma, popped in to show us some of her latest creations which she has kindly consented to allow us to feature on the blog so these will be popping up from time to time.
We love to see what you are up to so don't be afraid to show and tell.

This is one of Roma's cards a great one for father's day. Another easel card which has large rhinestones to hold the card upright with a ribbon linking the rhinestones together. The image is a stamp.

Friday, 22 February 2019

Tania's clock step card

Tania has made this step card using Regal's pre-made card  base. By using browns and blacks this has given the card a masculine feel but if you used pastels for example, it would be a totally different look. The black triangle on the left has been embossed with a pattern that goes well with the background paper which is from the Ultimate Crafts Evening Cocktail 6 x 6 pad. She has used a nesting die to create the circles for both the back panel and the forward decoration. Not sure where the clock face image came from but maybe a stamp or from the Kaiser antiques sticker sheet.
 What can you do when you run out of room to fit the greeting? Now was the Best wishes deliberately stuck on that way or not? Either way it looks good and gives a quirky twist to the card! It's finished off with four sticker dots and borders for a very pleasing effect!


Happy Friday everyone!

This week has seen an influx of people in to purchase our little boxes. You may not be aware that Regal Craft manufacture a range of cardboard boxes (They also have a few acetate boxes) perfect for putting small things such as chocolates, jewellery or a little gift in.  You can then attach a lovely handmade gift card to it to make it special. Easter is fast approaching, so why not decorate one of our cupcake boxes and place a small egg in it so  make it more special.  Sharon recently did a sample of a cardboard stand with an Easter egg in it which is on display in the shop which you may give you some inspiration too.

Friday, 15 February 2019

stacked ovals

Another offering from Heather. This card is made using a set of  nesting dies. She has used the entire set for this. The ovals are cut out of black card a contrasting card with some surprise images or greetings on each oval. Then a hole punched in the top. The bunch has been fixed together using a split pin and a piece of ribbon so as to allow he whole thing to swing. Finished off with a bit of bling, Kaiser adhesive pearls and a greeting sticker.


What a weird week weather wise we have had! One minute hot, the next you are caught in a shower.  Hopefully it's settled for the near future. The display board has just been re-done, so pop into  the shop and get inspired for the forth-coming events of Easter and Mothers day. There is always something you need a card for!

Lucky for you the Regal Craft Shop has some little bits and pieces you can decorate your cards with,  such as little Easter eggs and flowers.  Although nothing to do with Easter or Mothers day we do have some of the ever popular metal cogs back in which are great for men's cards. They go quickly though so don't delay stocking up!

Friday, 8 February 2019

Sparklelight Stacker Card

This lovely card Heather made is a simple stacker 3d from the Sparklelight range. Easy to make as all the pictures are numbered. Working from the lowest number, i.e number 1 to the highest you just line up the image so all the edges match. Use mounting squares or silicone glue {make sure it's paper glue} to separate and lift each image and give you depth.
Heather has then mounted the image onto navy and silver card to make the image pop out. The finished card is an Amethyst single fold card from Regal Craft.
There are several of these images available in the shop.


Well this week the shop has got some  little bits and pieces in to accent your cards and scrapbook pages. There never seems enough of that sort of thing so its nice to have a bit of variety. Its also nice that the weather seems to be a bit cooler if you are like me and 26 is about your limit of heat....good time to go craft shopping!! Don't forget to check out the diamond shaped card of the month in our shop.  We have created some lovely samples to give you some inspiration.
Cheers Marilyn

Monday, 4 February 2019


This is the lovely easel card Janet made using the February Kaiser papers and collectables. The side view shows how the card sits up using a row of Kaiser pearls as a door. or in this case a card stop.  Even though I've called this an easel card apparently they are called a tilt card by Regal so be sure to ask for tilt when purchasing them from the shop.
All these goodies are available at Regal.

Friday, 1 February 2019


Howdy folks!  It's bright and early this morning as I'm  very excited to inform you that I'm looking at the new Kaiser papers and collection for this month as we speak. I've even made a card out of one of the "Paradise Found" set. Now that is saying something!!
 Janet also has made a wizz bang easel card which I will photograph next week when we have a camera!
I have a very busy weekend this week as I do floral art and am participating in the flower show in Launceston so no time for card making even though a nephew is having a birthday this Saturday so will have to get the skates on at some stage and whip one up.
Most people find boys and men's cards a bit of a challenge, so it is lucky that this blogspot has oodles of ideas for you to get inspired.  Just click on the relevant titles. Keep in mind that some titles like step cards or easel etc may also offer up some ideas. The male of the species also like cards that have moving bits or other engineered components and this is usually enough to impress them not so much the papers you use!
See you soon, Marilyn


Although its not evident from the picture, this card features an acetate front that makes the design elements appear to "float" in front of the background panel.

Sharon has die cut the front of a Regal single fold card to make a decorative edge (pink with white spots) and secured a panel of see through acetate (also available from Regal) underneath. She has then used fussy cut pictures backed with double sided Jac paper (Regal again!) to decorate the front.  If you don't have a suitable die you could cut a decorative edge with scissors or just make it straight about 2.5cm below the fold.

If you are looking for something to do that is a bit different but doesn't involve complicated templates this could be the card for you!

Well, this is my last "ghost post".  Marilyn will be doing the card posts as well as the updates from now on. It's been so nice to have the opportunity to share card making ideas.  Cheers!


Friday, 25 January 2019


Here's a quick card using the Flowerpot base card from Regal Craft Cards (XFLP1), and a postcard (It's a picture from the botanical gardens).

Just cut a window in the front panel of the card - it doesn't have to be a circle, secure the postcard to the back panel, add a couple of stickers for definition and as a greeting and a small embellishment - in this case a glitter butterfly and you're done.  How easy is that?!

For a special personalised touch, why not take a photo from your own garden to use as a feature.


Hello fellow crafters, Friday again. Very slow week this week so I'm assuming you all have been hibernating from the very hot weather, I would too if I did'nt have to work. What a perfect time to do some cards and scrapbooking so you dont have to go outside in the scorching heat and smoke. Speaking of which our thoughts go out to those affected by the fires. Stay safe.
 Australia Day holiday this weekend so Regal will be shut on Monday but back in full swing on Tuesday.
Have you seen the latest additions to the Paper Rose die range? Sharon has made some lovely samples I may look to putting some on the blog for you. Stay tuned. Have a great weekend.
 Cheers Marilyn

Friday, 18 January 2019


Sharon has used decorative papers, fussy cut elements, lace and stickers to make this sweet baby card.

The base is a side stepper card from Regal Craft Cards (ST1) which provides a great starting point to decorate for any occasion.

Hi everybody, Marilyn here, I'm back!!. Not quite fully recovered from a new knee op, but getting there.  I thought to myself I will get my Christmas cards done while I'm recovering, so I hobbled to my craft room to get my stash of cards I had previously made, only to find the pile very much diminished. So the first week was spent putting together  3D's to make into cards  so that I had enough to send out. Oh well it took my mind off sore knees. I'm  a big fan of 3D's so lucky Regal Craft have a lovely big range now. I like dies too and the range Regal has is substantial and there is quite a few Australiana ones which are really cool!

Friday, 11 January 2019


How super simple is this card.  If you have hole punches it may be time to get them out of the cupboard and put them to good use.

Select four different paper (a great way to use up your scraps), and cut four large squares (punch them, die-cut or just use scissors!).  If you have a corner rounder punch, round off opposite corners.  If you don't then you can buy yourself one at Regal /Craft Cards or use a coin as a template and cut with scissors..

Cut out a square in another colour that is big enough to fit all four square with a bit of space between and around them, and stick the smaller squares in place, with the non-rounded corners in the corners of the backing square (see photo).  Mount the whole thing onto a square singlefold card from Regal Craft Cards

You can just stop there if you like, but if you want to add further detail you can either add an embellishment to the middle of the shapes or to one or all of the smaller squares.  In this example I've punched out two circles, added some holes and threaded some stranded embroidery cotton through.  You could use a button as an alternative.

One of the great things about this card design is how versatile it is - you can vary the colours, or emboss each square with a different pattern or paint them etc, and couple this with embellishments appropriate to literally any occasion from weddings to birthday, to Christmas.  A little tip though - unless you use a really "loud" embellishment, the paper is the star of this card, so don't skimp on quality.

Friday, 4 January 2019


It's sometimes hard to find traditional pictures to go onto "men's cards" but one source is postcards! 

Regal sell a range of Tasmanian postcards that feature scenery, fishing, trains etc as well as historic advertising that are perfect to add to your cards.

The first step in this card is to cut a large oval from thin blue card stuck to adhesive double sided Jac paper .

Peel of the backing and stick it to the front of the card.  Using removable tape, secure a smaller oval die in the middle of the blue one, and, with the card open, cut through all the layers on the front i.e. make a hole with a frame.

 The next step is to use this hole as a guide to stick some red paper/card to the inside panel.  Again, using removable tape, position a smaller oval die in the most appropriate place on a postcard.(Tassie people will probably recognise this picture of the West Coast Wilderness Railway).  Cut out your picture and stick it onto the red oval.  You can mount it on foam tape if you want for added dimension.

Friday, 28 December 2018


Hello, I hope the Christmas season is treating you well.  This is a sort of weird post for me, as I'm doing it in advance because of the holidays, but I am now an officially "retired" person so its sort of a ghost post if you like!

Sharon has done some clever folding to display this little calendar from Regal Craft Cards.  It sits up nicely with the nested flowers holding it in place, but will fold flat for posting.  Regal sell these little calendars (CAP1), some slightly bigger (CAP2), larger pads to fit A4 pages (CAP3) and single page A$ calendars with slots to add a photo or 10 x 15 cm artwork.

It's a nice little gift for a friend, or to make for yourself.

Friday, 21 December 2018


Here's another Christmas Card that is fortunately quicker than it looks to make and, as there are only a few days left  (unless you're one of those super-organised people who are already onto next year's cards) that's a good thing.

I took this close-up photograph of my Christmas tree last year (HINT - if you want some really individual "paper" for next year it's worth taking a few minutes to do this).  If you don't (and I expect that's most of you) have a photo at hand, decorative paper stuck to card is fine.

Choose an appropriate nesting die - I've used a triangle to suggest a tree, but you might have something else that would be OK (such as circles to make a bauble).  Nest all the dies inside each other and cut using a single pass with a die-cutting machine so that you have lots of parts.  Use double sided-tape, sticky fixers or silicone glue to put the layers back together at increasing heights, so that the largest is close to the page and the smallest is highest.  (You could do it the other way around and "look into" the stack).  I've embellished with stickers and pearlS, and cut a couple of little trees to fit behind.

Anyway, I've made it sound way more complicated that it is.  Its best that you take 10 minutes and have a little play with some scrap paper - hopefully all will become clear!


Hello, just a quick note today to remind you that it's your last chance to shop at Regal before the Christmas break as we close today at 5 o'clock and re open in the new year on the 7th January. 2019 opening hours will be Monday to Friday 8.30 to 5 o'clock.

I'm retreating to my craft room to actually use some of the many goodies that I've accumulated over many years, but Sharon and Vanessa will be back in the new year to help you out in the shop, whilst Janet and Marilyn will return a couple of weeks into January.  There might be a little break in the Friday updates (although they will return) but there will still be a new card idea posted each week right over the holiday period, so keep looking back.

In the meantime, over the years I've worked at Regal I've had the privilege to meet some wonderful and inspiring people and I'm so grateful to have had that opportunity.  Thank you to my workmates and to our lovely customers - I'll no doubt see all of you when I come in to top up my craft supplies!!
Enjoy the festive season.  Cheers Heather xx

Thursday, 20 December 2018


We had a visit from one of Regal's Queensland customers last week and she brought some of her cards (using Regal Craft Cards) as the bases, to show us.  It's always lovely to see what people do with the things they buy.

Sandra very kindly allowed me to take a photograph of her cards so that I could share them with you.