Friday, 29 June 2018


I've used the "Lots of Circles" die from Paper Roses and square singlefold card bases from Regal Craft Cards to make two different very quick cards.

Use two contrasting colours - in this case, metallic gold, and gloss blue.  You can save time by sticking your paper to double sided Jac before cutting, and running the dies through whilst they are nested inside one another. (i.e.only one pass for each colour is required) .

Then its just a matter of peel and stick, following the examples shown or making up your own.

I've added an embossed gold heart and a greeting sticker to the first example, and added rounded corners to the second, just for a bit of variety.

The gold hearts are available from Regal.  I should mention that they are quite thick, so if you are embossing them it might be necessary to adjust the stack that you use so that it will fit happily through your machine.  If the A plate with the two B plates are too thick then try A plate, embossing folder with heart inside, B plate and some cardboard shims to make up the right thickness.  Experiment by adding one shim at a time, then note down your stack so you'll know for next time!

Friday, 22 June 2018



Here's another idea for something to do with a three panel card.  You can play  with the shape of die that you use and where you actually place it on the card.

In this example I've horizontally centred a circle die, and placed int towards the top of one of the outer panels of my Regal craft card, then run it through my die cutting machine.  Next I've just cut off half the panel.

By folding the cut panel over the other (so far uncut) outer panel, I can place the circle die so that it will match exactly when the card is closed.  Use a bit of removable tape if you want to be sure that it won't move, then run it through your machine, cut this panel in half too.

Add a few decorations and off you go!

Friday, 15 June 2018


Marilyn has made a quick but effective card featuring an image cut from a piece of paper from the "Threatened" series by Fabscraps.

You don't need a lot of supplies to make this card, just a selection of co ordinated papers, some adhesive pearls, double-sided tape and some scissors.

We sometimes get a big fixated on die-cutting, special inks and suchlike, and its a good reminder that design is the major factor in any card!  Why not sit around and play with some scrap paper, and come up with some new ideas.

Oh, and of course, I should have mentioned that underneath the layers is a Regal Craft base card!

Friday, 8 June 2018


I'm very excited about the new Paper Roses dies that I've just unpacked, as I'm really pleased to see some Australian designs.  There's a stockman and horse, a farmer and child, a campfire, three different gum leaf sets etc!  For the super organized there's even a silhouette Santa with a cockatoo on his shoulder on a sleigh pulled by kangaroos (this is the only cutesy one, the others are realistic).  I consider my craft budget for this week officially blown!  Regal is closed tomorrow (Saturday - winter trading) and Monday for the Queen's Birthday holiday so today or Tuesday on is your opportunity.  We have limited stock of each but hopefully should be able to order more if necessary.

If shells are your thing, you'll love the "Seaside and me" collection from Couture Creations - lots of lovely papers, small pads and a couple of really nice dies - shells and a lighthouse.

If you haven't already marked Friday the 22nd down in your diary for Regal's giant sale -  the once a year mega-sale that is held in the hall behind the church next door to the retail shop.


Another one of Janet's pretty cards this week.  This example uses an ivory heart cut-out three panel card as a base.

It may be a little hard to see in the picture, but one of the stand-out features of the card is the background patterned paper, which has been embossed using a folder featuring fern leaves.  Die cut leaves in three different shades are on the left of the card and other embellishments are paper flowers, a printed greeting and enamel dots.

Janet has inked around the heart cut-out that surrounds a striped, unembossed  green background, with white ink, and around the greeting with a bright green, which she has also added to the flower centres

All the techniques used in the card are straightforward, but used in combination and with attention to detail has resulted in a very striking card, that attracted a lot of positive comment when it was on display.  You can make it, or a similar version too.

Friday, 1 June 2018


Hello and happy winter!  Kaiser's June ranges are now in at Regal.  We're equally divided over which one is nicer - "Anthology" which has a vintage natural history theme (I'm over-thinking the description - it's feathers, butterflies, cabinets and suchlike) and "Full bloom" which is, as the name suggests a modern take on the floral theme.

My favourite of the dies are the perfume bottles which, with a bit of scissor-"surgery" will double as vases, apothecary jars and more - not to mention that the fattest one turned upside down would make a great hot air balloon!  The stamp set that goes with the Full Bloom collection is great for stamping with individual elements coloured with Tombows or Distress Pens for a watercolour effect.  Do come and check out the selection.


A few years ago "Punch Art" was all the go.  Now that we have access to relatively low-cost nesting dies, its fun to revisit the craft and scale it up to card size.

This lion has been made with twelve circles of various sizes (see if you can find them all, if you're keen), a large scallop circle and a heart for the nose.

All you need, apart from dies, is a base card from Regal Craft Cards, some paper (around the 140gsm weight works well), adhesive, and a white pen if you want to add some highlights to the eyes.  i pencilled in some spots and whiskers too.

This card is not exactly the same as others I've seen on-line, but I certainly acknowledge inspiration from a number of lovely lions constructed by others as punchart.  There are lots of designs that can be adapted so have a browse and perhaps you might be inspired too!  Little people would probably love this bold style of card but there's scope to use it (or other animals) as a sporting mascot card for a team supporter or as a card suited to a particular person e.g. assemble different shapes to make a specific type of dog etc.