Friday, 28 April 2017


People are often under the impression that shaped cards are really difficult, and some of them are - not this one though!

All I've done is take a standard  Regal single fold card, and covered the middle of the front with some striped paper and the top and bottom with tan Bazzill.  The next step (with the card closed) is to pencil in some straight lines the same distance in from either side.  I've then used that ever useful papercrafting tool, a 20c piece to round the edges.  The actual measurements don't matter too much, you're only aiming at a cotton reely kind of shape with enough card still attached at the fold to hold it all together and a space big enough in the middle to hold the ribbon or trim you want to include.  Just make sure its symmetrical.

If you do your cutting (still with the card folded). just inside the pencil lines, you won't even have to rub them out.  You can add an optional hole in the middle at the top if you want to.

The next step depends on whether or not you want to include a small gift.  If not, and you used sideways stripy paper in the middle of the front, you're more or less done.  If you'd like to give some ribbons, laces or other trims to a crafty friend (or someone little who likes ribbons in their hair), secure one end at the base, and then carefully wrap the trim around the front of the card.  Secure with a pearl-headed pin (you might want to add a little dab of glue to the end if the sharp end might be a problem.  I've added a little spool tag.

Decorate the inside too if you want.

Friday, 21 April 2017


I like to think that this card looks better in reality than on screen, however, its more the technique, I wanted to show.

If you'd like to add a bit of dimension to your card you use the same method as I have shown here, which is.........

Stamp an image (from Kaiser) three times  - once onto the card front and the other two onto medium weight paper.
The image on the card is the background.  Decide which parts you want to use as the middle - (I've used the wings but not the body) and the front (Just the top two wings in this case.

Colour all the pieces (I've used Copics - you don't have to shade!), gently shape the cut out pieces so that they have a soft curve, and assemble them on top of each other, using foam dots to add height.  That's it - I hope I haven't made it sound harder than it is.

I've added a stamped greeting, also attached with foam dots, and edged the card (a single fold from Regal of course) and greeting with a little sepia ink.

Thursday, 13 April 2017


Sometimes "less is more" and this card has a very simple colour scheme - just blue and white.  The sailor boy stamp is one of the lovely new cling rubber stamps made by Paper Roses, and the "Bon Voyage" is from a Kaiser set.  I've used Versafine ink so that all the tiny textured detail on the jacket etc comes out clearly.

I've subtitled this my "Nervous Stampers Card" because each of the elements is done separately and then assembled.  The boy is stamped onto smooth white card and then placed in a textured white rectangle cut out card from Regal Craft Cards. The greeting has been stamped onto smooth card, fussy cut and attached to the front with foam tape to raise it slightly off the surface.  There is an insert fixed inside with double sided tape that has an additional greeting.  In other words you don't have to commit anything to the overall card until you're happy with the result....................Not that this should be a problem as I have found that all the Paper Roses stamps I have used have stamped a perfect image first time!

For everyone who is enjoying a break over the next few days, may it be happy and fun, and for those of you still working, thankyou - obviously you are doing something very worthwhile and your efforts are appreciated!  Best Wishes to all.

Friday, 7 April 2017


This is a genuine 5 minute card.  Grab a tea bag (the sort that come in the larger packets like Twinings), a pre-cut coffee mug card (XNO46) from Regal craft cards and some paper to stick over the peripheral bits of the mug.  Stick it all together and cover the messy bits by securing the third panel over the top and off you go!

You can obviously add a lot more embellishment than I have used, and if you want to make the card more decorative than functional, you can always take the tea bag out of the packaging first, and enjoy it yourself.

This would make a nice "getting in touch" card for someone you can't actually meet for a cuppa, and/or you could have some fun choosing the appropriate type of tea to send.  This one is both "spicy" and "soothing" further comment.