Friday, 7 April 2017


This is a genuine 5 minute card.  Grab a tea bag (the sort that come in the larger packets like Twinings), a pre-cut coffee mug card (XNO46) from Regal craft cards and some paper to stick over the peripheral bits of the mug.  Stick it all together and cover the messy bits by securing the third panel over the top and off you go!

You can obviously add a lot more embellishment than I have used, and if you want to make the card more decorative than functional, you can always take the tea bag out of the packaging first, and enjoy it yourself.

This would make a nice "getting in touch" card for someone you can't actually meet for a cuppa, and/or you could have some fun choosing the appropriate type of tea to send.  This one is both "spicy" and "soothing" further comment.

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