Tuesday, 29 May 2012


Lynne Armstrong came along last week and gave a wonderful demonstration of various ways to make calendars. In this example, she's used one of Regal's little calendar pads and made a lovely background using Kaiser papers, punches and paper flowers.  The easel display is a great idea too!  I think calendars are a nice gift idea, and are  especially useful  as small Christmas gifts.......Cards sometimes have a relatively short life but a calandar can be displayed and  appreciated for twelve months.  I have a very large "Gunnadoo" list and calendars are on it! ( If .....or should I say WHEN I make one, I'll post it on the blog). In the meantime I'll pop up more of Lynne's brilliant calendar ideas for your inspiration (and mine!!)  

Saturday, 26 May 2012


 I love the look of embroidered cards but hardly ever seem to have the time to make them.  This is a quicker and easier option than deciphering charts, counting squares and sorting threads.

I've used variegated cotton  to sew rows of an elongated crossed stitch (which I'm sure has a name of its own  that currently eludes me).  You should be able to see the pattern in the close-up shot.

The work has then been mounted in one of Regal's white textured square cut-out cards using double-sided tape, and the first panel secured behind to hide the somewhat messy back.

Wednesday, 16 May 2012


Welcome to the very first posting of our new blog.  All of the folks who will be allowing me to show their work, share a love of making cards and are happy for you to use their examples as inspiration for your own projects.  As I'm a bit pressed for time, it seems appropriate to start with a 5-minute marvel.  This is one of Regal's cut-out cards, and yes, as the name suggest, the sailboat is already cut and waiting for something to be tucked in behind - in this case I've just chosed a pretty scrapbooking paper.  The third panel folds around to hide messy backs so there's no need for careful cutting.  I've just cut out a little flag to finish off the top and that's it!  It took longer to choose the paper that to make the card.