Friday, 28 December 2018


Hello, I hope the Christmas season is treating you well.  This is a sort of weird post for me, as I'm doing it in advance because of the holidays, but I am now an officially "retired" person so its sort of a ghost post if you like!

Sharon has done some clever folding to display this little calendar from Regal Craft Cards.  It sits up nicely with the nested flowers holding it in place, but will fold flat for posting.  Regal sell these little calendars (CAP1), some slightly bigger (CAP2), larger pads to fit A4 pages (CAP3) and single page A$ calendars with slots to add a photo or 10 x 15 cm artwork.

It's a nice little gift for a friend, or to make for yourself.

Friday, 21 December 2018


Here's another Christmas Card that is fortunately quicker than it looks to make and, as there are only a few days left  (unless you're one of those super-organised people who are already onto next year's cards) that's a good thing.

I took this close-up photograph of my Christmas tree last year (HINT - if you want some really individual "paper" for next year it's worth taking a few minutes to do this).  If you don't (and I expect that's most of you) have a photo at hand, decorative paper stuck to card is fine.

Choose an appropriate nesting die - I've used a triangle to suggest a tree, but you might have something else that would be OK (such as circles to make a bauble).  Nest all the dies inside each other and cut using a single pass with a die-cutting machine so that you have lots of parts.  Use double sided-tape, sticky fixers or silicone glue to put the layers back together at increasing heights, so that the largest is close to the page and the smallest is highest.  (You could do it the other way around and "look into" the stack).  I've embellished with stickers and pearlS, and cut a couple of little trees to fit behind.

Anyway, I've made it sound way more complicated that it is.  Its best that you take 10 minutes and have a little play with some scrap paper - hopefully all will become clear!


Hello, just a quick note today to remind you that it's your last chance to shop at Regal before the Christmas break as we close today at 5 o'clock and re open in the new year on the 7th January. 2019 opening hours will be Monday to Friday 8.30 to 5 o'clock.

I'm retreating to my craft room to actually use some of the many goodies that I've accumulated over many years, but Sharon and Vanessa will be back in the new year to help you out in the shop, whilst Janet and Marilyn will return a couple of weeks into January.  There might be a little break in the Friday updates (although they will return) but there will still be a new card idea posted each week right over the holiday period, so keep looking back.

In the meantime, over the years I've worked at Regal I've had the privilege to meet some wonderful and inspiring people and I'm so grateful to have had that opportunity.  Thank you to my workmates and to our lovely customers - I'll no doubt see all of you when I come in to top up my craft supplies!!
Enjoy the festive season.  Cheers Heather xx

Thursday, 20 December 2018


We had a visit from one of Regal's Queensland customers last week and she brought some of her cards (using Regal Craft Cards) as the bases, to show us.  It's always lovely to see what people do with the things they buy.

Sandra very kindly allowed me to take a photograph of her cards so that I could share them with you.

Friday, 14 December 2018


Here is another example of the z fold card (the "right" way up this time).

Tania has covered each panel with decorative paper, leaving a small border around each, and added detail with die-cuts, stickers and pearls.  I won't go through each bit as you can see for yourself what she has done, although it is worth noting the Christmas baubles on the middle panel.

A triangle with scalloped edged backing has been added to the front and this draws attention to the greeting, as well as the fold of the card. The use of non-traditional colours is also worth noting.  Christmas cards don't HAVE to be green, red, white and gold!


Hello, I've just finished putting out the new range of Kaiser 12 x 12 weave papers - 66 colours!  Some are similar to their previous range but others (including some nice darker colour) are quite different.  Pop in and have a look, if you get the chance, but you'll have to be here by the end of next week as Regal is taking their annual break from closing (5pm) Friday 21st December until Monday 7th January when the shop will re open.

Friday, 7 December 2018


A very late post but just because I was waiting for the good news that Kaiser's December release has finally arrived - yay!  It should be in the shop tomorrow!!!


Regal sells these Z-fold cards in red, white and ivory as well as forest green.  Not every one wants a super-quick card, and although these could be a speedy project, there are lots of panels to decorate if you prefer to take your time.

Marilyn has had a really good idea, and literally turned the card upside down.  By adding the thick-cut gold tree (available from Regal) to the smallest panel, the card is well-balanced and won't fall over easily when it's sat up for display.

Marilyn has used pieces from a Sparklelight 3D for embellishment (you could make your own presents with dies or just rectangles of card or decorative paper and bows), as well as stickers and tartan ribbon.

The thing I like most about this card (apart from the fact that I always appreciate alternatives to the "right way") is how nicely it sits with the presents displayed both in front, and behind the tree for a great 3d effect.

Monday, 3 December 2018


Hi, tis I, Marilyn reporting for duty again.
This will be the last time for a while as I go in to have a knee fixer upper on Wednesday so will be out of action for a bit. While I was away last week Janet has put out the card of the month on display. I am always amazed how 4 or five people can see the same card and come up with 4 or 5 totally different ideas. There are some gorgeous ones to check out.
Don't forget we still have heaps of el cheep a reno dies to pour through as well as the fabulous Paper Rose selection. This would make a  great Christmas Gift I know I would be happy to receive.