Friday, 21 December 2018


Here's another Christmas Card that is fortunately quicker than it looks to make and, as there are only a few days left  (unless you're one of those super-organised people who are already onto next year's cards) that's a good thing.

I took this close-up photograph of my Christmas tree last year (HINT - if you want some really individual "paper" for next year it's worth taking a few minutes to do this).  If you don't (and I expect that's most of you) have a photo at hand, decorative paper stuck to card is fine.

Choose an appropriate nesting die - I've used a triangle to suggest a tree, but you might have something else that would be OK (such as circles to make a bauble).  Nest all the dies inside each other and cut using a single pass with a die-cutting machine so that you have lots of parts.  Use double sided-tape, sticky fixers or silicone glue to put the layers back together at increasing heights, so that the largest is close to the page and the smallest is highest.  (You could do it the other way around and "look into" the stack).  I've embellished with stickers and pearlS, and cut a couple of little trees to fit behind.

Anyway, I've made it sound way more complicated that it is.  Its best that you take 10 minutes and have a little play with some scrap paper - hopefully all will become clear!

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