Friday, 31 August 2018


Following along from last week's Father's Day card is another example from Sharon.  She has used the same little die cut tools (Two different sets of dies are available in the Regal Craft Cards catalogue) mounted on strips of acetate to make this fun box card which would do equally well for Father's Day or a birthday. 

There are lots of templates on-line for box cards and you can change the size to fit whatever you would like to have popping out of them, and that is limited only by your imagination!

Sharon has covered the box with sticky-backed silver checkerplate paper, leaving gaps and adding split pins to give the impression of drawers.

The greeting sticker at the back is also available from Regal.

Friday, 24 August 2018


With Father's Day just around the corner, why not make a card for the occasion, or help your children/grandchildren make one for a special man in their life.  Sharon's card would fit the bill.

She covered a plain Regal singlefold card with decorateive papers.  The piece with the torn edge could be replaced with sandpaper or cork if you want to add more texture.

The die-cut tools are attached with little split pins.  Paper Roses tool dies and the split pins can both be ordered from Regal Craft Cards.  Just add some sticker letters to spell "DAD" and your done!

Friday, 17 August 2018


This is Sharon's take on the "piano card" format - Kaiser pattened paper, with a fussy cut top to the Regal single fold card and an arrangement of various elements on the top, along with a greeting. 

You could modify this by adding acetate to the front so that the card could sit up for display, or by putting all the decoration on the front panel, if you wanted to.  If you fancied turning this into a more "masculine" card E.g. for Father's Day, just substitute the flowers for leaves,musical notes, cogs or omit all together (Or... if your man loves flowers leave it as is!)

If you can't find piano keyboard paper its a reasonably simple exercise to cut a couple of strips and make the keys.  Ink the edges with black ink for extra definition.

Friday, 10 August 2018


Here is a super simple card idea to use up some of those small paper scraps we all accumulate (or at least those of us who hate to throw things in the bin). Simply choose your favourite nesting die (or the one most appropriate to the occasion), and cut out each size with a different co ordinating colour and stack them.  This card has been made with a flat stack, but you could use foam dots to add dimension if you wanted, and/or ink the edges of each shape.

I've embossed the front of a smooth white singlefold card (PL2) from Regal craft cards, and added a greeting sticker, a pre-made bow and three little rhinestones to finish.

It could be a 5 minute make depending on how quickly you can die cut - remember if you're using the same brand of die you can cut more than one piece at a time.

If you add an insert you will have to allow a few minutes more.f  I found a once-loved and now hardly ever used hole punch in the drawer and used it to decorate a plain pale pink insert,which was secured to a slightly larger piece of paper in a darker shade.  Both pinks were the same colours as the plains used on the front of the card.

Friday, 3 August 2018


This is a fun variation of a flag book.  I've basically scored and folded the central panel of a black three panel Regal craft card into an "accordian", and stuck simple die-cut flowers to either side of each fold.  It's important to remember that flowers on the front of the fold will tilt forward, whilst flowers on the back will tilt backwards so you have to position them so that they swing freely - a little practise run with removable tape is a good idea before you fix them more securely in place.

As there is so much going on inside the card, I've kept the front very simple - just some decorative paper that reflects the shape of the die, a couple of ribbons (the black one secured under the patterned panel to hide the ends) and a silver charm.

I guess you could use this card for a lot of different occasions, or you could just sit it on your shelf for a cheery decoration.