Friday, 3 August 2018


This is a fun variation of a flag book.  I've basically scored and folded the central panel of a black three panel Regal craft card into an "accordian", and stuck simple die-cut flowers to either side of each fold.  It's important to remember that flowers on the front of the fold will tilt forward, whilst flowers on the back will tilt backwards so you have to position them so that they swing freely - a little practise run with removable tape is a good idea before you fix them more securely in place.

As there is so much going on inside the card, I've kept the front very simple - just some decorative paper that reflects the shape of the die, a couple of ribbons (the black one secured under the patterned panel to hide the ends) and a silver charm.

I guess you could use this card for a lot of different occasions, or you could just sit it on your shelf for a cheery decoration.

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