Friday, 25 August 2017



We're having a bit of a "masculine" card-fest at the moment, and here's another.

A piece of decorative paper is stuck to the front of a singlefold white Regal Craft card, and a sticker is placed on top (I've used a
Sparklelight sticker from Regal SLS2009).

Cut vellum large enough to wrap around the card (i.e. the same height as the unfolded card, and every so slightly wider) and fold it in half.

Slip it over the card and mark (in soft pencil) the corders of the sticker, then remove, and either use a punch upside down or tape on a square die to cut out a window in the vellum.  (You can also use a craft knife).  Put a small piece of double sided tape just over the fold on the back of the white card, and carefully place the vellum over the top.  (You might want to do a test run first to make sure the window is in the right place).

Double sided tape can be seen through the vellum so you can either put it on carefully and leave it "as is" or add a border sticker or strip of paper over the top.  (If it really worries you, you can always sew the two layers together - three or 5 holes and some decorative thread are probably best as vellum tends to perforate with sewing machined lines)

Add a charm and greeting on the outside, and a different sticker and a paper border (matching the front of the card) to the inside and you're done.

In reality the patterned paper can be seen more clearly under the vellum on the front of the card, and the contrast between the shine of the sticker and the matte finish of the overlay is quite pronounced

Friday, 18 August 2017



Here's another card suitable for anyone really but probably timely with Fathers day just around the corner.  (You have no idea how long that paragraph took to complete as in the US, the apostrophe goes between the r and s, whereas in the UK it goes after the s, and in Tasmania I'm just confused.
I wimped out and didn't add one at all so put it where you want!)

Anyway, back to the card - Regal has a spectacular range of vintage postcards.  I've used one as the base and cut and shaped (just using my fingers and the palm of my hand) elements from another couple to stick on top with foam tape.

The 3d effect is much more pronounced in reality that it appears on screen - the bottle is nicely rounded, and the flag does look a bit fluttery.  This post is turning into a bit of a repository of random information, but just in case you are thinking "but the flag should be blue"............The red ensign was in use from 1901 to 1954 and was the civil flag was for government and red was used if you wanted to fly an Australian flag in your backyard.  Needless to say everyone got very confused and the red flag is now only used at sea.

Getting back to the card (again) I've made a simple pop up machanism for inside, and used a Regal photo slot card as an easy way to mount the postcard on the front.

Friday, 11 August 2017


Here's an idea for a father's day card that will last for over a year.
(You can, of course adapt it for any occasion).

Just start with a centre stepper card (STE1), decorate it with co ordinating papers (these were from the small pad in the Kaiser High Tide collection) and add a 2018 calendar and you're done!  All these things are currently available from Regal Craft Cards, including the double-sided tape to stick it all together!

TIP - when you're fussy cutting around objects with fine detail, such as the wheel, leave a small border - it saves having to deal with all the little inny-outy bits and looks good too!


New dies and papers in at Regal Craft cards this week.  There are limited quantities so don't miss out!  Also, don't forget that on Thursday 17th of August (that's next week for folks reading this in real time) there will be a special 20% day off in the shop - a great chance to stock up on blank cards etc in time for Christmas card making, or to build up your collections of papers and stamps. Oh yes, I nearly forgot 50 packs of Kraft singlefold cards with envelopes are on special until they are replaced with something else on Monday - just $12.00 a pack if you come in today or Saturday!

Friday, 4 August 2017


Well, here's something a little bit different...............Its a bit on the cold side to be contemplating barbies and sun umbrellas, but it doesn't stop me dreaming...............

I've used a couple of bases from Regal Craft Cards as well as a couple of Paper Roses dies (purchased from Regal as well) to make some very straightforward cards.  Basically I've just cut out the shapes in a few colours and re assembled the pieces, added a greeting stamp and, in the case of the BBQ a triangular background, and that's it.

These dies are different to most of the other ones that are out there, and they can be used for a number of different occasions, plus they're great for the "blokey" cards that a lot of crafters seem to find difficult.  What I really love though, is that the shapes can be used in so many other ways.  Look at the umbrella for instance, turn it upside down and cut it in woodgrain as a fruit bowl, add some chain border stickers for a hanging basket, turn it on the side for fairy or butterfly wings, or add a head and legs for a tortoise etc etc etc.  I've lots of other ideas for all the other bits in both die sets, but would ruin your fun if I listed them all......what do you see when you look at the parts separately?