Friday, 18 August 2017



Here's another card suitable for anyone really but probably timely with Fathers day just around the corner.  (You have no idea how long that paragraph took to complete as in the US, the apostrophe goes between the r and s, whereas in the UK it goes after the s, and in Tasmania I'm just confused.
I wimped out and didn't add one at all so put it where you want!)

Anyway, back to the card - Regal has a spectacular range of vintage postcards.  I've used one as the base and cut and shaped (just using my fingers and the palm of my hand) elements from another couple to stick on top with foam tape.

The 3d effect is much more pronounced in reality that it appears on screen - the bottle is nicely rounded, and the flag does look a bit fluttery.  This post is turning into a bit of a repository of random information, but just in case you are thinking "but the flag should be blue"............The red ensign was in use from 1901 to 1954 and was the civil flag was for government and red was used if you wanted to fly an Australian flag in your backyard.  Needless to say everyone got very confused and the red flag is now only used at sea.

Getting back to the card (again) I've made a simple pop up machanism for inside, and used a Regal photo slot card as an easy way to mount the postcard on the front.

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