Saturday, 30 June 2012


I just love Graphic 45 papers and the one I've used for this card is from their Little Darlings range.  I've used one of Regal's pretty blue singlefold cards as the base, and added some punched daisies with Kaiser pearl centres.  The blue panel at the bottom is edged with a Martha Stewart border punch and more pearls!

Friday, 22 June 2012


I love folding paper - origami, iris folding, teabag folding - all of it!  This example is of the latter.  Its probably the easiest teabag fold of all, but its still one of my favourites as it can be used in so many different ways.

Start with  a square of double sided paper - thinner papers are easier to fold, but if you fold carefully and use a scorer if necessary, then scrapbooking papers are OK too.  Turn the square so that a point is at the bottom and then fold two sided in to meet at the middle to make a kite shape (you might like to crease the square diagonally first as a guide).

Make eight of these and arrange them in a circle.  Its easier if you stick down four in a cross shape first and then fill in the gaps with the other four - you're less likely to end up with unwantd spaces.

I've added a split pin as a feature - purely decorative, as it doesn't actually do anything (although its a good way to hide less than perfect centres.)  I've mounted the folded papers onto some dark blue card and then put the whole thing into one of Regal's white textured three panel circle cut-out cards.

Saturday, 16 June 2012


The three-square is one of Regal's more unusual cards.  It also has three panels.  The middle panel has the three joined squares already cut out so that you can put paper or fabric or anything flat  (E.g. cork, metal, acetate etc) underneath.  The front panel can then be secured behind the feature panel to hide messy backs E.g. split pins, sewing, staples etc). Tania has used some Botany (a natural-coloured recycled paper) to make a torn border and backing for the squares.  She's then put some Graphic 45 paper behind and on top of the squares, adding a corner to the bottom edge, and finally popped on some tiny black stickers for a finishing touch. 

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Diamond Wedding Anniversay Card

Inside the Card

Close-up of Quilling

Joy Swinton brought this lovely anniversary card in to show me and very kindly gave me permission to share it via the blog.  She has used a large textured white card from Regal and decorated it with Sparklelight on an amethyst shimmer background.  She added a variety of stickers and some truly amazing quilling to complete this beautiful card.

Saturday, 9 June 2012


OK, so I made the title up.........this is a real 5-minute marvel.  I grabbed one of Regal's "Stitched" cards (the faux stitching is already printed on) and just filled up the gaps with scraps of paper (including some from one of Kaiser's newer releases).

To finish off I just added a "Celebrate" stamp.....Yes....I know its crooked......would you believe.....just going for the handmade look? 

If I wanted to correct the lean, it would be a simple matter to either prise of this panel or simply stick another on top of it, which is one of the beauties of this card - its very forgiving.  Plus, of course its a great way to use up all those scraps you can't quite bear to throw away.

Saturday, 2 June 2012


These beautiful new 3D sheets came into the shop recently and Tania couldn't wait to make one up.  As you can see she wasn't disappointed with the result. 

I personally find the die-cut 3Ds a lot easier to use as I'm usually crafting of an evening and artificial light combined with the shine of the sheets makes me even more cutting-challenged than usual.

Tania used foam dots to build up the layers and Fiskars fancy scissors to put the decorative edge onto the bottom of the Bazzill backing.  The whole panel was then mounted onto one of Regal's white DL cards.

Its interesting to see a DL card used in landscape orientation rather than the usual upright manner.  I wonder if it's the start of a new trend?