Friday, 8 June 2018


I'm very excited about the new Paper Roses dies that I've just unpacked, as I'm really pleased to see some Australian designs.  There's a stockman and horse, a farmer and child, a campfire, three different gum leaf sets etc!  For the super organized there's even a silhouette Santa with a cockatoo on his shoulder on a sleigh pulled by kangaroos (this is the only cutesy one, the others are realistic).  I consider my craft budget for this week officially blown!  Regal is closed tomorrow (Saturday - winter trading) and Monday for the Queen's Birthday holiday so today or Tuesday on is your opportunity.  We have limited stock of each but hopefully should be able to order more if necessary.

If shells are your thing, you'll love the "Seaside and me" collection from Couture Creations - lots of lovely papers, small pads and a couple of really nice dies - shells and a lighthouse.

If you haven't already marked Friday the 22nd down in your diary for Regal's giant sale -  the once a year mega-sale that is held in the hall behind the church next door to the retail shop.

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