Friday, 30 November 2018


How's this for a quick Christmas card idea.  Regal make a wide variety of three panel cut out cars.  This one is XNO14 - church window, but there are Christmas trees, bells, holly, and lots of other novelty shapes in addition to more usual shapes such as rectangles, ovals and hearts.  Have a look on their website for the full range.

Although you can use these cards in a variey of  ways for iris folding, stitching, photos and more, this card illustrates a simple example that you can make quite quickly using decorative paper inside the aperture, a cut out shape on top (the gold bell is available pre-cut from Regal but you could diecut something yourself) and a sticker or, as in this case, a "lef-over" from a 3D picture.  As an alternative to the latter you might want to consider an alternative die-cut, flowers,a bow or some pre-made embellishments.

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