Friday, 6 July 2018


This card is a lot simpler than it looks to make.  Start with a singlefold white craft card (PL1 or PL2) from Regal Craft Cards.

Assemble the motif by selecting 8 plain paper squares for the back, and eight double-sided squares for the front.  The actual size doesn't matter too much as long as it fits onto the card base you have selected.  (1 1/2 inches and 1 1/4 inches could be a size to try)

Fold and unfold each square along the diagonal, then fold the sides to the crease to make a kite shape.  Take your time with this bit as accuracy here makes a bit difference to how easy the next bit proves to be.

Assemble the eight plain "kite shapes"so that the edges lie next to each other and they make a "circular" motif.  After you've arranged them so that they are fairly evenly positioned (i.e. so you don't end up with either a big gap or not enough space at the end), stick each down with a piece of double sided tape.  Repeat with the smaller squares, and position one motif on top of the other, and stick down.  The split pin in the middle is optional but it does help to hold all the shapes together and hide and slightly dodgy bits where they are supposed to join in the middle!

Arrange a greeting and some patterned backing paper (perhaps, as in this case, the same paper used for the smaller squares), and there you are!  I've just talked about this with a fellow crafter and agreed that there are a lot of words here for something that is very easy to do and would take only a minute to demonstrate, so if you'd like the "in person" demo, pop into Regal and I'd be happy to show you!

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