Friday, 15 December 2017


By this time of year, if you haven't already made your cards its time to get busy.

These two examples are both quick to make and really pretty too.

Sharon has used a gold base card.  You can buy gold cards in both single and three panel versions from Regal (which is also where the foiled white paper came from), or if you are in a huge hurry, you can get cards with the tree already cut out in white, red or green.

Sharon has put paper under the cut out panel of one card and used the shape for the other.  She has crimped the tree, but you could equally well emboss it, decorate it in other ways or just leave it plain. Adhesive pearls and fabric stars comple the cards.

If you are well prepared and use pre-cut cards,  you could just about finish both of these in under ten minutes - great if you still have a lot of cards to make before the big day!

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