Friday, 29 December 2017


If you're like me, the combination of summer and Christmas has resulted in more than the usual amount of potentially useful craft items.

Soft drink cans are a case in point. As long as you use the fairly thin ones and proceed carefully, it's possible to both die-cut and emboss them to make embellishments.

The red flower on this card has been made from a diet coke can and a floral nesting die.  As there was a lot of red on the can, I was able, by careful positioning of the die to avoid having to colour anything.  (The stamen was cut from a silver section, and the whole stack held together with a silver split pin).

Mostly, the reverse side of a softdrink can is silver, however, so if you do need to add colour, the marker pens that you use to colour rhinestones and peel-off stickers can be used.

Thin aluminium is easy to shape so adding additional dimension is really easy.

The background is just metallic pens through a floral stencil onto black card, and I've added a bit of curling ribbon to make it match in, as the gold pen seemed to dominate.

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