Friday, 23 September 2016


"Log Cabin" Quilt Card
I'm all for using up scraps of paper and this is a nice easy way to do it.

Start with one of Regal's aperture cards (XSQ3).  This one has a nice little space at the bottom just right for a greeting so I'v put a black strip across, which leaves a square to fill.  So, working with folded strips I've just worked my way around the outside edge, taping the ends to the back of the card, and gradually working my way to the middle.  I've finished off with a little heart sticker.

I've sort of broken the rules with the design - usually the middle of this style of Iris folding is either shiny or red and hearts are usually the latter but I've chosen black and white to match my greeting.  The last row of the left of the heart "should" be green but I've made it red to frame the heart.  In short - when you make a card - do what pleases you!

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