Friday, 25 December 2015


I made this card a while ago for a demo, so it includes a few tips techniques that you can use more widely in your other cardmaking.
- You can shape your 3Ds by gently rubbing the middle of the reverse side in the palm of your hand until the edges start to curl a little. This adds dimension but also hides any foam tape/silicone glue that is underneath.
-Use the colours in the card topper as a guide for what colours to use elsewhere in your card.
The colours do not have to be the most obvious ones.  In this case I've used the gold, green and red from the band on the hat and frame around the central motifs.
-Decoration doesn't always have to be stacked on top.  It can also go underneath - in this case I've punched four windows and lined up the paper underneath (It also means you don't have to measure the paper accurately, and you can chop out the mistakes made in other projects and still use your paper.
-Do remember that a single fold card has a front, a middle and a back, and all of these surfaces can be decorated.  In this case I've used colours from the front of the card, edging from the 3D sheet (available from Regal Craft Cards) and a few cut into a gold insert to convey the idea of a pyramid.(Actually this time of year, its looking a bit like a Christmas tree......but as I said, this was a card made to illustrate a few different techniques that you can use for all sorts of things, not necessarily to make "as is", although, really it does look a bit like a pyramid in reality!)


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