Friday, 27 November 2015


When most of the attention is on a new baby, its important to let the other children in the family know that they're not forgotten.

A new great-nephew inspired this card, which wasn't quick to make, but certainly isn't difficult.

The base is a single fold white card from Regal Craft Cards and the background is Kaiser paper.
The little boy is a LalaLand stamp that has been stamped onto lots of different coloured papers, then cut out and re-assembled on a stamped base (i.e. paper pieced).  The very fine detail (the star on his constume, belt buckle and detail on boots) has been added with silver pen, and a little bit of colour to the face (lips and cheek) added with red pencil.  Finally just a little white dot using a gel pen has been put in the eyes to add a little "life."  Finishing details come from a bit silver star (from Regal) and some stickers - star borders and "Brother" (a gold sticker coloured over with a black marker pen).

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