Friday, 20 November 2015


Sympathy cards are often made at a difficult time and a simple approach can be useful.

In this case, I've dabbed some distress inks onto an acrylic stamping block, lightly spritzed it with water, then put the card face down on the block and gently run over the surface so the colours transfer to the card and merge together.  (Any water-based ink will do, just make sure you use colours that aren't on opposite sides of the colour wheel unless you want a grey/brown effect).

You can either wait until the ink has dried or use a craft heat gun to speed up the process.

Choose a narrow high stamp and stamp it with black ink in the corner.

Write the message at the bottom, then hand-draw a frame.  If you mess up a corner (as I did) just make it into a feature!!

I think sometimes we are so focussed on getting the right stamp or die that we forget that we can always just write the greeting ourselves!  I also know that just about everyone (myself included)  had issues about their handwriting, but bear in mind that it is one way to ensure that you have made a truly unique and personal card.

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