Tuesday, 11 November 2014


Here as promised are close-ups of the two folds I used during October's Christmas Card demo.

For the Circle fold you begin (not surprisingly) with a circle.  Fold it in half, then unfold.  Using the line you've made in the paper as the base, fold up a little bit of each side as shown in Fig.1.

Turn the shape over, then fold both sides to the middle line.  The little folds you made in step 1 will pop out to form "petals." (Fig.2).

Its a good idea to wait until you're happy with the end result before squashing the folds down firmly, as sometimes a little bit of adjustment is needed.

The second fold is easier.  Just take a square.  Again, fold it so that you have a middle line down the diagonal, then fold the edges to this line to make a kite shape.  There are lots of different ways to use this basic shape with just a little modification, e.g. turning up the edges, opening one edge etc.

To make a motif from either of these folds its just a matter of placing them side by side and sticking them down.  Again, its worth fiddling around with placement until you're totally happy (and/or use a folded circle or square base underneath as a guide) before you get out the glue or double sided tape.

If you find the middle of the motif isn't quite what you'd hoped, a large rhinestone, split pin or punched shape will cover quite a bit.  (Its OK.....its a "design feature")  Good Luck!  I'm happy to help you with the folds (or show you some more) in the shop as long as you're happy to wait between customers!

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