Friday, 4 January 2019


It's sometimes hard to find traditional pictures to go onto "men's cards" but one source is postcards! 

Regal sell a range of Tasmanian postcards that feature scenery, fishing, trains etc as well as historic advertising that are perfect to add to your cards.

The first step in this card is to cut a large oval from thin blue card stuck to adhesive double sided Jac paper .

Peel of the backing and stick it to the front of the card.  Using removable tape, secure a smaller oval die in the middle of the blue one, and, with the card open, cut through all the layers on the front i.e. make a hole with a frame.

 The next step is to use this hole as a guide to stick some red paper/card to the inside panel.  Again, using removable tape, position a smaller oval die in the most appropriate place on a postcard.(Tassie people will probably recognise this picture of the West Coast Wilderness Railway).  Cut out your picture and stick it onto the red oval.  You can mount it on foam tape if you want for added dimension.

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