Friday, 26 October 2018




This is a very simple variation of Regal's three panel card, which is easier to show in pictures than to try and explain in brief......but as we have the pictures I'll give it my best shot!

Fold each of the side panels in turn over the middle panel, adding an additional fold, half way so that the edge of the panel lines up with the original fold (i.e. the edge of the card). The card edges (see the small picture at t he top) will look like they have a Z shaped fold, and the overall card will appear as a gatefold card.  Add any background papers at this stage.

Next, using a set of nesting dies (any will do, but I've used stitched circleds cut a shape that does not overhang the sides of the card (I've done this out of gloss red).  Using removable tape, centre a smaller die in the middle of the shape and run it through your die cutter so that there is a hole in the middle. Stick this shape half over the edge of the left hand folded panel of your card

Using the same die (or a smaller one) cut another shape.  I've used black gloss this time.  You could use the circle you've just cut out if you want although I think a contrast looks nice.  With your card folded shut, centre the smaller shape so that it sits inside the first shape, and stick it down.  It will be approximately half on and half off the folded edge of the right hand side.

Add whatever decorations take your fancy at this stage.

This card looks fine folded flat (see small picture above), and is easy to post like this, but it sits really nicely with a great three-dimensional effect (see large picture).  It could easily be adapted for any occasion.

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