Friday, 20 April 2018


Not all that long ago, we used to make this type of card using a metal template, taped to paper and cut with a craft knife.  For people like me who are, at best "OK on a good day" with a knife it was best avoided.

Nowadays however, its easy - just arrange your nesting dies one inside the other at approximately equal distances apart - (use a magnetic sheet or a bit of removable tape to keep them in order if you want), on top of your A and C plates (in most die-cutting machines)

Next, line up the top cutting plate (the B plate in a Cuttlebug or Go Cut and Emboss) with a point half way along the nested dies, and run it through your machine.  Only the part of the circles covered with the top plate will cut, then just fold over every second semi-circle cut and that's it!

Double sided paper with a different paper underneath works well.  You can stick the circles down, although I prefer to leave them unattached to add dimension.  Of coursse,you don'e need to use circles at all - any nesting dies will work.  Mount the whole design on a Regal base card and there you are!  What used to take hours can be happily finished in under 10 minutes - the most time-consuming part is chosing the paper.

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