Wednesday, 26 October 2016


I think this card looks better in "real life" than it does on the screen (especially the one I'm using at the moment which stretches it sideways).  In any case you can still use the idea and make it better still.

The Regal cut-out Christmas tree card has had paper stamped with light and dark green branches placed behind it, whilst the actual cut-out, edged with a sparkling gold pen has been offset to the side and front of the cut-out. Lightly padded fabric stars have been added to the top, and a greeting sticker added to finish.

As the top tree is mounted on foam tape to raise it above the other tree and the surface of the card, you'll need to add a little foam tape under the left hand side of the sticker too, so that it will stick flat.

You could obviously use decorative paper as an alternative under the aperture, and add decorations to the tree at the front etc.

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