Friday, 15 July 2016


Parchment craft is often portrayed as really complicated and as something that can only be done with a huge selection of tools.  It certainly can be that way, and Regal Craft Cards do stock a great range of tools for the advanced crafter.

It doesn't have to be that way, however, and this example shows what is possible for the first time crafter, requiring only a piece of parchment paper, a white pen, an embossing stylus and a soft rubber mat.  The pattern comes from Embossing Paper the Easy Way (available from Regal).  Just trace the picture with a white pen, when the ink is dry turn it over, retrace and add detail with the embossing stylus.  Add an insert and you're done.  

Balance out the weight of the outer card and insert so that it will stand up e.g. thin parchment with thick insert etc.  There are many ways to attach the insert to the outer card.  A little double sided tape on the inner back panel will do the trick, but for this example I've chosen to tie it together with some 3mm satin ribbon.

As a bonus this week, we have some more of Sandra Bell's lovely pickpoint cards, made with a variety of coloured metallic threads which give the design a special lift.  The last three designs are from the Garden Flowers design sheet (PPF11)

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