Friday, 5 February 2016


Regal's "Indian Window" card is one of their more unusual three panel cards.  The window in the middle panel is great for iris folding.

The popularity of iris folding comes and goes, but it never vails to make an impact.

I've just used a square template for the bottom of the shape (there are lots of free ones available on-line) and then "freestyled" the top.  I've chosen 80g (i.e. thin and cheap!) paper for all the colours except the gold in the centre and roof which stands out and tends to "lift" the other papers.

I've just added an adhesive jewel (Kaiser) to the "eye".  Now that I look at it in the picture, it's not exactly in the middle, is it? Oh well..........

There is plenty of room to add a greeting - at the bottom or diagonally on either side at the top or over the actual folding!
If you varied the colours it could suit almost any occasion - add a bit of lace and lots of white for a wedding card, make it in pastels for a baby or in personal favourites for either men or women.  As mentioned you can always add a bit of lace or ribbon or patterned paper or metal or embossed card or whatever you like really!  If you haven't tried Iris Folding, think about giving it a go.  Its easy and fun.

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