Friday, 24 July 2015


 This is a waterfall card I made, using a die-cut Sparklelight sheet and a Sparklelight base card - both products available from Regal Craft Cards.
Waterfall cards are made of panels that flip over when you pull the end tab, and are far easier to make that they look.

The instructions come in the pack, but I modified them a bit, by mounting the pictures on some black lightweight card to add extra stability, and also by positioning the "waterfall" run across the card, rather than the more usual vertical orientation.  If I was making the card again, I would put the pull on the other side, as we're all so used to the way that book pages open, this doesn't quite look quite right, even although there is clearly no absolute right and wrong.

Other than that, I haven't really had to add much more other than a bit of "bling trim" (from Green Tara via Regal).

This would make a nice engagement card, but would do for all sorts of occasions.

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