Tuesday, 17 September 2013


 Regal make an inexpensive gift box/photo cube base that is great for decorating in lots of ways.  With Christmas coming up it is ideal as a favour box.  The example shows it with a bag of sweets but I think for our Christmas table I'll make one for each person with some lollies and little gifts plus the poppers, bad jokes etc that are part of our celebrations instead of (or maybe as well as) our usual Christmas crackers, the contents of which are almost always disappointing!

These are also about the right size to present some small-scale Christmas cooking such as rum balls, coconut ice or even a small Christmas pud' or muffin, for those people you don't buy for but still want to remember (I'd say e.g. work colleagues but I don't want to raise any false expectations!!). 

The cubes are a good way to use up a lot of the little bits and pieces you probably already have such as stickers, diecuts, rhinestones, pearls etc. or alternatively go all out and buy some fabulous papers and make a series of co ordinated keepsake boxes for the Christmas table.

Another way to use the boxes is to display photos - Lois has just popped a postcard and some stickers on here by way of example, but I could imagine a decorated tower of fabulous family shots or views from the latest holiday.  Cubes are a lot more interactive that a flat album - I've noticed from the ones we have on display that a lot of people pick them up and look at all the surfaces. 

A photo cube would also make a great presentation box for an 18th birthday with photos from baby to adult or for an anniversary. 

For some occasions you could cut card to size and have people write messages to be included inside the cube E.g. leaving a workplace, hen's night (?!) etc

As long as you used a battery operated candle  you could also put vellum over the "windows" and make a decorative tealight holder.

The uses are endless!!!!!!! Each side of the cube measures about 9cm and the windows are a little over 4cm square.

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