Friday, 16 August 2013


The gold foiled oval cut-out card and the "blister" covering that I've used in this example both come from Regal Craft Cards.

The backing paper is green marble (or marmor) writing paper and the lily has been made from a rough petal shape with a "V" cut in the bottom.  The edges of the V are slightly overlapped and secured with thin double sided tape which shapes the flower and adds dimension.  Before taping I added a tiny strip of coiled yellow.  The large leaf is the same petal shape, pleated to add texture, and the stems and little leaves are just folded strips.

The "blister" cover protects the finished flower if it is to be posted.  I've left the front very plain, and as such it would be suitable for a Sympathy card.  The same design could be made in different colours and "dressed up" for many different occasions.

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