Friday, 16 November 2018


Good news for everyone who has been waiting for Regal to restock their popular textured white singlefold cards - as of this morning they are back!  The other varieties that ran out whilst we were waiting for a delayed shipment of cardstock  will soon be on the shelves, as soon as they can be manufactured.  In the meantime smooth white is not a problem, and there are lots of other colour choices.  If you haven't already, check out the Regal website.

It's a good job I'm taking another couple of weeks off (yes, again!) because Paper Roses are still bringing out some brilliant new dies, and I am always tempted.  This week I've bought a set of stitched rectangle nesting dies - 11 in all which (and this, for me, is the real selling point) have been sized for Australian A5 cards!  They may not be as complicated as a lot of the recent offerings but I am extremely excited about these as I know already that I will use them regularly. (Note that this is a different set to the one available in the Regal catalogue).   I was also tempted (OK so that's code for I bought this too) by a card creator die that cuts nine windows so that you can treat each area separately as far as decoration goes or use the whole thing as a "window" to tuck some scenery (or maybe Santa peering in) behind.

On the "I'm still thinking about it" list are some new cockatoo, kookaburra and humming bird dies, a deer head, Merry Christmas with a shadow, a really nice large Christmas wreath.  We have topped up our stock of one die that I do have, which is the ever so cute Santa Claus being pulled on his sleigh by kangaroos, and with a cockatoo sitting on his back.  For those of you who are a bit fed up with snowflakes and northern hemisphere themes it's ideal!   Well enough of that.......time to get on with a bit of actual work........before I clock off again.....Marilyn will be doing the updates whilst I'm away.

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