Friday, 31 August 2018


Hi, I'm just taking a quick break from popping some Christmas Card samples (yes it is that time of year) up on the board in the shop to let you know a few important things.

Firstly, today is the very last day that you can buy your craft cards at half price from Regal Craft Cards (on line or in the store).  They go back to their original prices on Monday.

.....which leads me on to the second thing.........Regal is re opening on Saturdays (9-3) from October 6th.  Hopefully the worst of the winter weather will be behind us, and if you haven't already thought about it, it will be well and truly time to start making Christmas cards.  Our usual weekday opening hours still apply i.e. 8.30 to 5.

........which leads on to the third thing which is that the Kaiser September release - papers, stickers, dies etc etc - all Christmas themed will be fresh in the store on Monday.  (The boxes are sitting at my feet as I type), so if you are looking for the latest in materials come on in and have a look and pick up up the last ever print editions of the Kaiser magazine (whilst stock lasts).

We've also just unpacked some new dies so.......

Pop in and say hello and check out the new stock!

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